Expand main category names?

Is there a way to show the full category names instead of the truncated version? This is what I see for the names - I can’t tell which US America is the West, Midwest, etc.

Use the Categories page instead of Latest.

Maybe I’m not understanding something. If I start on the Categories page and click Los Angeles, the “Latest” option automatically gets highlighted. I’m not choosing it myself. So from what I understand, if I’m reading a post on the LA board, I have to hit back twice, once to go back to Los Angeles and then again to go back to the Categories page to choose another board? I can’t just click back once to go to Los Angeles and then use the drop down to choose the next board to read?

Oh, I see what you’re talking about. That seems like a bug, the drop-down should be wider.

I thought the ad was cutting it off but that’s not the issue, the names are still truncated even with no ads.