Experience a bit of Noma, Red Medicine and Destroyer in your morning Cup of Joe @ TRINITI

The pedigree at this Echo Park coffee shop is sort of ridiculous.

The owner and chef (yes, I said, chef), Joseph Geiskopf, worked with Jordan Kahn at Red Medicine and Destroyer, as well as starting off as a line cook at Noma (yes, Noma!).

Meanwhile, the barista running the coffee program at Triniti is none other than Matthew Jung-Quillen, who if you didn’t know is the mastermind behind Coffee Manufactory as well as the former Director of Coffee at Destroyer, and a former dentist to boot.

There’s a wonderful Destroyer/Noma like take on the classic salade Lyonnaise with sunchokes and a perfectly poached egg in olive oil, the entire salad pairs wonderfully with their housemade bostock, which is created (yes, created) with in-house bread baked purposely a day before just to make this very French French Toast.

Oh, yeah, and the nitro cold brew on tap is pretty good too. And they’ll do a flat white with ristretto on request.

You can also request a coffee flight as well. 'Natch.

1814 West Sunset Blvd
Echo Park


damn, ipsedixit is better than Eater.

Been meaning to go try this out since the people at Californios mentioned it.

Can’t wait!

So how much is just a plain cup of coffee?

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Went here last week and was very impressed with that sunchoke salad. It felt very similar to Destroyer (which I consider a compliment) but more comfortable, and they didn’t hate me for sitting there with my laptop for a while.

@catholiver my espresso drink was $4, and IIRC a cup of coffee was a little less than that. Dishes were in the $10-16 area, but the portion on my salad at least felt generous.