Extra buttermilk uses

I only use buttermilk for a pancake recipe and always have extra left over. Last time I used some for fried chicken. Does anybody have some good ideas for leftover buttermilk?

I saw a few suggestions for ranch dressing and biscuits which I’ll keep in mind.


Buttermilk chess pie, quiche (instead of milk)

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Mashed potatoes, in baking used instead of milk for many recipes. Or you could use your blender and mix in different fresh fruits as are refreshing drink (quite popular in Germany for breakfast)


Mashed potatoes is a no brainer. We add in some sour cream and cream which is basically the same thing. I’ll have to look up the German fruit drink. Thanks.

Quiche. Good idea. We have been making a leek and ham quiche with a cheat pre made crust.

Biscuits!!! Here is the recipe I use, Nancy Silverton’s All-Butter Biscuits | Saveur. As she has you cook them while frozen I make a whole batch; freeze them, and then vacuum seal them in packages of three (two for me and one for the lovely wife). If you do try the recipe I recommend skipping the finishing salt. Ms. Silverton is one of the few people on earth who likes salt more than I do.


Robert’s cauliflower buttermilk gratin.

Fried chicken.

Mango lassi or masala chaas.

Southern-style cornbread.


This brought me back to “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White… #AndThatIsAGoodThing

Screenshot_2021-03-13 charlotte's web buttermilk bath wilbur - Google Search


+1 on Robert’s suggestion. I make cornbread with it.

There’s gotta be a good buttermilk cake recipe online.

My dad use to drink it.

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I like to do a buttermilk vinaigrette inspired by one I had at Baccanalia in the Atl

5 sticks of butter for 12 biscuits. Wowza.


Its a worthwhile splurge.

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That ratio of flour to butter is the same as some pound cake recipes.

I found this recipe during quarantine and it’s now part of my rotation when I don’t know what to make for dinner.

I also add a random spice mix of paprika, minced garlic, cumin, and whatever else sounds good to the potatoes prior to cooking.


Forgot to add I cut them about half the size Nancy recommends. Still its five sticks of butter for 24 biscuits.

More ideas:


This one intrigues me: