Family-friendly and interesting in Hollywood/West Hollywood and nearby?

Hi all,

Former LA resident here in need of your wisdom. I’ll be visiting my family in LA for the holidays, and they’re looking for a reasonably priced dinner place (t $25 / head tops) that can accommodate an extended family of 14, ranging in age from 3 to 86. We’re all big food lovers and with the exception of one flexible vegetarian, are up for trying anything…

We were thinking of Korean barbecue or maybe Middle Eastern, but are open to other possibilities. Any thoughts you could share would be much appreciated! Thanks…

Some ideas in your price range…Bludso’s La Brea for a BBQ plater, Plan Check Fairfax (photo), Ulysses (Greek) at The Original Farmer’s Market, Beer Belly, Mess Hall, Connie & Ted’s & POT …Happy Holidays.

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It might be difficult to get out of Connie & Ted’s for $25/person, tops.

You might want to look at Running Goose in Hollywood.

If we’re still having these comfortable December nights their patio would make for a lovely gathering place.

At Connie & Ted’s as long as you stay away from the meat dishes i think it might be possible to stay around $25? Maybe?

Plan Check Fairfax is a good choice.

I was gonna say the opposite about Plan Check - had two pretty crappy meals at the DTLA location. Perhaps the Fairfax location isn’t as awful.

Jon and Vinny’s is the quintessential family restaurant in WeHo!

Can Jon & Vinny’s even hold a party of 14? & for $25 per person?

No. And No.

$25 / head tops (?!)

Thanks for your suggestions! I wasn’t aware of a lot of these places–glad to know about them. I’ll keep you posted as to what we do.

I completely missed that. J&V could fit 14 people though I believe, but it would take up like half of the restaurant lol

Man $25/head… I did not see that though. I don’t even know anywhere to eat for that in WeHo where you can sit down??

It is far from my favorite deli, but Canter’s could fit that size group, has a huge menu, and could meet that price point.

How about Marouch, or any number of spots in Thai Town? Night + Market would work as well, and the WeHo location does takes reservations. Petty Cash is another option, as long as you keep the beverages light.

night + market

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Good idea

luv2eat, naturally.

Why not Greenblatt’s then?


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Okay, fine. ZANKOU CHICKEN. Beck - Debra - YouTube

Sunset and Normandie.