Farmers markets - best oranges

I’m an orange juice fanatic. any good farmers markets today (thursday - close to mid-city) with bomb bag of oranges?

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Speaking of which does anyone know if Valencia oranges are in season yet. Haven’t been to the farmers market in a few weeks

We recently got a bag of Valencia oranges (I think just from Ralphs delivery), and the juice was INCREDIBlLE. So I would wager that, yes, they are in season.


I saw Oranges at Wellington Square (Sunday) & Culver City (Tuesday) Farmers Markets.

Edit: @Luluthemagnificent. You want today. I haven’t been in a while but La Cienega and Pico is Thursday.

Double checked. The Valencia oranges were from some delivery service called “Farm Fresh.” I have no idea where they source the oranges.

We’ve been doing them too. Yeah, the oranges we got last delivery were great!

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