Farmers markets / Produce in the San Fernando Valley

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@robert and/or @ipsedixit: is there a way to make @TheCookie’s question it’s own thread in the LA board? Seems like a “big” enough question to merit its own thread.

Sometimes on Sunday mornings I go to the studio city one. It’s pretty big & It’s expensive to me. I’d be interested to hear how others think it compares to some. I don’t know if it’s go out of the way worthy.

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Ummm… it wasn’t a “big” question. One hint? There’s one response… well, two. So I changed it to a universal Fruit & Veggie thread. We already have @Chowseeker1999’s excellent Farmers Market threads. This is for gems sourced at grocery stores or anywhere! :blush: Now, hopefully folks don’t have to - I mean please - start a new one.

Happy fruiting! :peach: Have at it!

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For those confused. My original question was, what’s your favorite Farmers Markets in the Valley? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Luluthemagnificent! It won’t be out of the way, just wrong day. I’ll be working in the Valley on a couple of weekdays and was just curious if there were any.

Best Valley Farmers’ Market is Studio City on Sunday morning. However we have a couple of hidden gems including Farm Boy, a produce market and much more in the Trader Joe’s shopping center on the northwest corner of Riverside and Hazeltine. Best takeout sushi I have found as well as many Korean delicacies - not to mention great produce. Nearby is Tapia Bros, one of the few farmstands left in LA proper. Its located at Burbank and Hayvenhurst. Incredible corn picked daily and great ordinary tomatoes (I wish they would branch out into heirlooms). Wonderful seasonal fruit as well, and very nice people (they always slip an extra ear of corn into my order - its a family business so its not cheating the house - just a pleasant surprise). There are many Armenian produce markets and grocery stores with great produce. The Armenians, as @Nemroz, will attest to, know that tomatoes do not take take to refrigeration well. I highly recommend the Olive Garden Market on Oxnard and Whitsett (be careful though - parking is a full contact sport there). As well as great produce they have wonderful olives and baklava. Welcome to the Valley! If you need lunch recommendations I will be glad to provide them!


I was hoping it would be a big question. :slight_smile: Also, for people doing a search on the topic, I thought it might be cleaner if it pops up in one thread. Oh, well. :slight_smile:

Perfect @ebethsdad! The “work” I’ll be doing will mainly consist of a lot of waiting around and time on my hands. Being a Food Talker, of course, I want to combine it with a food excursion. These are great recs. Thanks.

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While you are waiting around definitely hit up Epicurus Gourmet, There are also numerous ethnic markets besides the aforementioned Armenian attraction. Vallarta is a chain of Mexican markets with good produce. For Asian there are Seafood City, 99 Ranch, and if Northridge isn’t too much of a schlep the Galleria is a lovely Korean store with a great food court. Last I recommend Odessa, a Russian market/deli on Magnolia just west of Laurel Cyn.


Ha! We love Olive. Were just there on Saturday and got what we needed for a bbq. Field tomatoes were really lovely. I can never walk out without a bunch of cheese, basturma, pickled herring, etc. This time i picked up bulghur and vermicelli for frying too. But back to fruit, grabbed a lovely Hami melon there and a watermelon which we tore up on the beach late yesterday.


It is insane out there!!! :fire: :sweat: :sweat_drops: :fire_extinguisher: I’m convinced, Valley-ites have super powers that repel extreme heat. I was thinking traffic and headed out late morning. Next time I’ll think temps and head out early morning.The indoors, Farm Boy & Olive Fresh Garden, first. Because they’re indoors! I’ll save the farm stands for fall. Good lawd!

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Did anyone else do the pick your own Roma tomatoes at Underwood Farms this weekend? This was my 6th year. Picked 97 lbs, which is the most I’ve ever done!

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97 pounds! Da-yum maybe this is one for home cooking but i would love to hear what the plans are for all of that

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Darn! I think my newsletters started going to spam!

My vote is post it right here! Fluidity makes things more interesting. Coincidence, I was just looking at this today.

Another recipe I was recently turned onto is to sauté or bake tomatoes w/fish sauce and sugar to soften them. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I just saw this post @ebethsdad! Good recs! You know I’ve been wanting to checkout Epicurious since y’all talked about it on the Charcuterie thread. I’m probably spending another day in the Valley this week, so…

P.S. As far as schlepping goes, I’m not completely familiar with the distances between cities/towns in the Valley. My actual destination is N. Hills near the Budweiser factory (supervising a project). But I’ll have a lot of waiting around so I don’t mind a little schlep.

Northridge isn’t that far from North Hills so you can make it. And yes its been ridiculously hot.

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Epicurus is closed on Monday.

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Okay, I just found out I need to be in Burbank today! Are any of these in the vacinity? Any fruity, veggie recs? Doesn’t have to be exactly in Burbank.

Edit: Did any of you catch that auto correct error for “vacinity”? Use your imagination.