Faux Kokotxas Pil-Pil

Got too excited when I saw cod cheeks at the fishmonger; alas when I got home realized the recipe calls for “hake throats” not cod cheeks :pensive:.

Anyway went ahead and prepared a cod cheek pil-pil instead. Never tried the real deal nonetheless thought the dish turrned out quite well I must say.

IMG_20180928_201944_103 IMG_20180928_201836_518

Recipe based on


Kokotxas I - Traditional on Vimeo (sans cockles)


Hake / Merluza (much prefer the spanish name!) is more common but that cod is a pretty great substitution. Cod cheeks are fairly common out in the basque country and they have a lot of natural gelatin for the pil pil.

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A recipe that calls for hake throats . Fished and cooked fish most of my life . I’m in . Have to ask my monger for these. I have no idea.

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@aaqjr yeah the emulsification worked out quite well with the cod cheeks.

@Emglow101 honestly don’t think I’ve ever encountered hake throats here in the US. Good luck and do report back if you find any.

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That’s some gelatin-y I could get into. I’ve been nudging you to share your kitchen exploits, so thanks! And for sharing the video.

@TheCookie, you’re welcome!

Pro tip - use a light pan… I made the mistake of using my heavy Demeyere pot. Good ‘workout’ during the swirling process to emulsify the sauce :woozy_face:

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