Favorite balsamic vinegarette and goat cheese

I’m making a salad.

I like Alice Waters’s version, which originally used only red wine vinegar but was revised in the second book to use a teaspoon of sherry vinegar plus red wine vinegar. Balsamic seems too sweet to me in that context.

So you want to put the goat cheese in the vinaigrette?

@robert, I agree. I have a very nice bottle of balsamic that I’ve never opened. I seem to have moved away from it.

I lied :slight_smile: I just remembered this dressing that I like a lot. But I DO still have an unopened bottle :slight_smile:

Soy-Balsamic Vinaigrette Recipe

In Modena, they put a few drops of the really good stuff on grilled meat. I think on Reggiano too, if I remember right.

We’re going to be in Tuscany soon - not close enough.

You can do that anywhere.

Cool. But it’s so fun to buy local. I have A LOT of olive oil :slight_smile:

who has good flavored vinegars, like burgundy or pineapple?

Pineapple vinegar? Try Rancho Gordo. They’re often sold out but it’s the real deal.

The usual substitute for pineapple vinegar is to dilute full strength apple cider vinegar by half, in other words 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar + 1/2 cup water = 1 cup pineapple vinegar substitute. True it lacks the mild tropical flavor of pineapple, but you still do get the soft, fruitiness. You can also make your own pineapple vinegar by fermenting pineapple rinds.

If you mean vinegar made from Burgundy wine, I don’t think the grape varieties make much difference. Vilux Champagne vinegar isn’t different enough from their vin blanc that I’d pay extra. I will pay extra for Vilux over other brands.

The Gegenbauer vinegars I’ve tried have been very good, especially the quince.


I use Melfor all the time. It’s traditional in Alsace. Delicate honey and herbs flavors.


I originally bought it to make this dish:

The Apple Farm’s apple “balsamic” is great stuff.


It might be hard to make good pineapple vinegar in the US since it’s impossible to get anything but low-acid “gold” varieties.