Favorite boat noodles in Thai Town or North LA

What are people’s current favorites for boat noodles in Thai Town? Other great dishes to eat with them are a plus.

This would be for a Friday dinner, around 7:30 - 8:00 pm.

I went to Sapp Coffee Shop several years ago, and enjoyed it. But what other places could I try?

I am also open to other ideas in Northern Los Angeles, since I will be coming from Burbank airport.

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pa ord noodle

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+1 on Pa Ord

Thanks for the replies! I had a great dinner at Pa Ord…boat noodles w/ pork, and the crispy rice salad. Both were spicy and delicious, and this place hit the spot for me.

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There seem to be more than one Pa Order Noodle restaurants in Thai town. Are they related and similar in quality? Otherwise which is the preferred one?

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You want the original one on Sunset and Hobart.