Favorite cookie in San Diego?

Mine is at The Cravory.

Specifically the Bacon and Pancake cookie, made with chopped maple smoked bacon and mixed into pancake batter, it’s a bit like the now ubiquitous maple bacon donuts in a more substantial cookie form.

Available at the Mercato, for those who don’t want to travel all the way to Point Loma.

What’s your favorite cookie?

Lemonade’s chocolate chip cookies (Pasadena lemonade version, when I had the UTC version shortly after they opened here they were not the same or very good and haven’t tried again)

Cravory’s chocolate chip cookies are also very good.

Did a recent taste test of chocolate chip cookies (sorry not very fancy). Bake sale > bread and cie > > > uncle biffs and baked bear. Also enjoy the cookies at edelweiss (Mira Mesa and rancho Bernardo) although other items are even better.

Would like to try azucar (in OB I think).

I’m going to have to try the chocolate chip cookies at Bake Sale some more attention.

It’s just so hard given that every time I’m there the caramel pretzel bar beckons to me like a damsel in distress. It’s either that or the English muffins (but usually those are for “to-go” for home - but really who am I kidding - usually for the car ride home).

Mojito cookie at Azucar in OB

The simple Danish butter cookies from Costco in the huge tin are delish…a lot more butter than the others…

I’ve had some great cookies at Azucar with Guava…

I know Azucar is a board favorite but we went twice and were quite underwhelmed from their savory (very oily, salty) and sweet (including the guava one) products. What should we try to get their true highlights ?

Oh, I found them.

The Prager Brothers cookies- appears to be shortbread- from the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I’ve not purchased these myself- MrsName brings them home.

Beautiful, simple , sophisticated and delicious.

Azucar was better when it first opened. I think it’s kind of inconsistent now.

If you like soft cookies the mojito sugar cookie is pretty good. It’s really just a plain sugar cookie with mint. If you don’t like soft cookies, skip it. I’ve not had particularly good luck with their savory items either, although their salads sometimes are pretty decent. There’s a guava cream cheese pastry that is sometimes good and sometime not. Guava and cream cheese is an iconic Cuban flavor combination.

I know I will get flamed, but I really have a soft spot in my heart for Dudley’s fruit bars. I get that they are old school, but sometimes old is best.

Chocolate chip cookie from con pane at Liberty station–solid

And then there’s Uncle Biff’s. Undoubtedly unsophisticated and lacking any nuance and subtlety.