Favorite instant noodles?

With inflation running amuck, hawkish Fed, rents doubling overnight, omakases pushing $500/pax, $20 avocado toast, $5 black coffee, $6 croissants, 30+% dining tips and service charges, guilt tipping at the 'effin electronic payment terminals sprouting like weeds, $6+ gas, paying above MSRP for everything…, Mr Lees Combo #1 pushing north of $5, Netflix layoffs, tech bubble popping, Crypto portfolio implosions, an economy careening into recession etc :dizzy_face:

I think it’s high time to revisit the college dorm dining standby. What are some of your favorites?

Not Thai… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The baller’s choice

Cooks in no time


HK doing K-noods and actually spicy

Flavor bomb

No soup for you

When you have some A5 trimmings laying around

Friends don’t let friends eat this :face_vomiting:. Just say NO…



Ichiran take-home kit

Sometimes they’re a few bucks cheaper at Tokyo Central.


My wife says the A-Sha brand is the same manufacturer of noodles that David Chang MJD brand uses. You can see and taste the similarities.

My son loves the Indomie spicy Mi Goreng.


@thechez5 is the Maggi spicy?

The particular A-Sha noodles in the photo and the Momofuku noodles (made by A-Sha) have to be boiled for four minutes and drained.

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Mi Lau Thai
Mama Tom Yum

Prima Taste Laksa
Nissin K-Noodles

Snapdragon Pho

Medan Kitchen
Huge selection of Indomie flavors

I think you should be able to find many of them in the Asian supermarkets in SGV too


Not at all. I mainly enjoy it for nostalgic reasons.

This uses up all the old seafood from my freezer

Can’t forget the GOAT


Am I the ONLY one that will still stan for Good ol’ Top Ramen or Oodles of Noodles?

Yes, its fried starch and a 1/4 tsp of dried bullion, but they are 1) still super SUPER cheap. I can’t quite find them on special for $0.10/ea anymore, but you can still find 'em for a $0.25/ea if you get one of the bulk cardboard trays.

Throw in an egg, some chopped green onion, a splash of sesame oil or hot sauce, and that’s a hot, relatively nourishing meal for less than $1. And sometimes, a little flavored broth and some easily digestible starch are just the thing for delicate tummies, which, thanks to the stress about everything else, seem far more of a consideration than they have been in the past.

Those A-SHA ones look awful good, though.


“And sometimes, a little flavored broth and some easily digestible starch are just the thing for delicate tummies, which, thanks to the stress about everything else, seem far more of a consideration than they have been in the past.”

@lectroid - Oh YES. We do it just as you described - topped with a drizzle of sesame oil, some chopped green onion and a sliced hard boiled egg. Many times I’ll cook some sliced cabbage or chopped bok choy with the noodles. It’s healing to have something so cheap and yet tasty.

My best cheap find? The 99 cents store had 12 pack boxes of these noodles, only the spicy shrimp flavor (I guess they weren’t a big seller) for 99¢. For the BOX.

My husband did not like the broth but enjoyed the noodles so I swapped in powdered Maggi chicken broth and carried on.

And if I am being fancy? These noodles that I get at Litttle Tokyo Market at 3rd and Alameda), in homemade broth with veggies and top as above. They are so much fun to eat - its nice to eat noodles that make you smile.


Instant noodles are just a vehicle for scallions, garlic,and ginger with hot oil poured over, a little vinegar and soy, pinch of sugar, a runny egg or 2, a dollop of Momofuku chilli crunch, and some blanched greens.


Absolutely. Kinda like this?


Tomago Kake from Serious Eats

  1. I have also used instant ramen instead of rice for this, and it’s fabulous.

  2. when Kenji showed this on his YouTube channel a while back, he kept hinting it was generally known by another name which he wouldn’t say.

That name, it turns out, is ‘bukkake’, which literally translates to ‘covered with liquid’

It used to refer to noodle/rice dishes like the above…

It means something else these days. Google at your own risk.


Shin ramen black is indeed still the goat but we also enjoy these newer brands @mrgreenbeenz. The noodles are very good.


Ooh, yes!

The noodles have a good body and chew. One I honestly don’t feel compelled to add anything else to it. Worth tracking down IMO, although I have not seen the Hakka noodle version restocked at Costco for a while now.

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Ditto. I add some green onions, soft egg and whatever other protein I have around. I’ll also usually throw some type of chili crunch for extra spice.

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Not terrible but I wouldn’t buy them again. Tasted slightly rancid.