Favorite Non-Noodle Soups? (Chowders, too.)

I’ve been on a soup kick lately. Maybe it’s the weather… What are your favorites in the LA/OC area?

Some of mine are:
Chupe de camarones from Kotosh
Sorrel soup from L’Assiette
Tom saab kra dhook mhoo from Isaan Station
NE clam chowder from Connie & Ted’s - a bit thinner than I like, but I love how it tastes.
Yukgaejang from either Park’s BBQ or Da Maat
And one that I’m a little embarassed about… The zuppa toscana from Olive Garden. :grimacing:


Ox Knee Soup @ Sun Nong Dan. Like eating Jell-O. Spoons optional.

Salty soybean milk @ Four Sea Restaurant. Like Chinese oatmeal, but more gnarly. And more soupy.

Chicken corn chowder @ Tasty Garden (Arcadia). Probably no better than canned Campbell’s soup, but they give you free refills. Just ask. Again, and again, until they acquiesce. #RefillsByAttrition

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Thank you sir, may I please have another…

For me, when I moved to LA and lost the instant gratification of my dad’s chicken soup when I was sick?

Hot and sour soup. Wherever, however. That extra chile oil was/is so handy : )

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New England Clam Chowder - The Original Fish House (Los Alamitos)
Chicken Matzo Ball - Katella Deli and Bakery (Los Alamitos)
Hot & Sour soup - Seafood Cove (Garden Grove)
Gazpacho - The Bazaar by Jose Andres (Beverly Hills)
I love the sorrel soup, too! I like the Toscana, too…but I learned how to make it at home and I use spicy sausage so I think I’ve made the right improvements to the soup.

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I really like the lobster bisque that they have on Fridays at Gelson’s. I doubt there’s much actual lobster in the making of the soup, but, for whatever reason, it hits the spot and is quite satisfying.

Edit: I think it’s crab bisque, actually… Whoops.

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Rhode Island clear chowder at Connie and Ted’s.

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is there bacon in there

thanks man.

Oooh, would you mind sharing the recipe? Maybe on the Home Cooking board if that’s preferable. (No worries if you’d rather not!)

I always get the New England one. Maybe I need to venture out a bit. I’m a fatty who likes her cream though. :yum:

@thechez5 Not a problem. I’ll post it shortly. Thanks!

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Fear not! Plenty of bacon fat in the Rhode Island one.

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low-brow as hell but Porto’s Clam Chowder is my favorite clam chowder in the city as far as QPR is concerned - it’s like $4 for a cup and actually has more clams than potato.

If you got a better suggestion at the <$5 price point, I’m all ears.

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My 3 favorite soups for this weather:

Matzo Ball soup from Brent’s (always to-go)
Cream of Mushroom Soup from Souplantation (no joke – it’s really good!)
Albondigas Soup from Dos Arbolitos (Van Nuys)

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I found a copycat recipe online a while back and make it at home too! I also use spicy sausage for more kick. My kids love it!

I love the Manhattan chowder at Original Fish House too. Has a nice kick!

Brent’s Cabbage Soup

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Ash joe at Attari.
Kola kenda at Apey Kade.
Lentil soup at Carousel.
Gamjatang at Buchun.
Tom som pla at Jitlada.
Sinigang at Crispy House (formerly Magic Wok).
Spas at Paradise Pastry!

OMG that looks delicious! I know what I’m ordering next time I’m in Northridge!

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I thoroughly enjoy the Chicken Vegetable and Chicken Matzo Ball soups at Greenblatt’s–that’s my go-to when I’m sick or it’s rainy.

Close #2 is the Samgaetang at Mountain Cafe on 8th St.

My favorite long gone clam chowder was from Old World on Sunset and in Westwood Village…

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