Favorite off the strip restaurant not named Raku

Going in 2 weeks for a conference and need a Sunday night dinner spot. Raku is closed Sunday’s.

I booked Chada Thai over Lotus of Siam because I want a piece of that winelist.

Any other recs?

Sweets Raku

Or does that not count?

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Answer: About an hour.

I knew it was only a matter of time when some smartass would ask that :wink:

Have you ever seen the wine list at LoS? It’s truly stunning, and very well priced.

OK, other off-the-strip suggestions (in random order):

The somm moved to Chada last year or two so that’s where the good stuff is now.

My friend went to LoS recently and said the list was pretty picked through.

Thanks for the recs!

De Marcos.


Herbs and Rye.

Nuff said.

Was there in September and LOS still rocks it and their wine list is incredible.

Lakeside at the Wynn is on the strip but man, dinner was outstanding on the lake with the wild lake show.
Nobu at Caesar’s is outstanding…just sayin’ if you chose to go strip side.

The Oyster Bar at Palace Station is sublime but its counter seating and can be a long wait but if you go off hours, get right in usually and is now open 24/7.

Hugo’s Cellar at Four Queens downtown is old school and fab…
Fremont Experience has added a lot of downtown bars and zip lining from one end to another.

Check out Uhockey food blog from CH on Las Vegas and other cities…


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Rosemary’s has been closed for some time now, and honestly at the end it was just seemed like a good deal as opposed to fantastic food.

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Other Mama

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Scratch Kabuto, forgot the chef left. Perhaps try Yui Edomae which is Gen Mizoguchi’s newest restaurant. I think it opens very soon.

Umm . . . no. See A5KOBE’s post above.

Thanks man.

Yeah, I forgot that fucking joint closed years ago.

There used to be a soul fooder in Henderson that was quite exceptional, is that still around over there ???

Thanks guys.

@Plumeria Agreed.

@Porthos Yes, it’s true that folks from LoS (including the sommelier) left to start Chada, but the wine list at LoS is still as good as its ever been, IMHE/O. Superb wines and very reasonable prices. Chada is wonderful, but I wouldn’t count out LoS – not by a long shot!

In the FWIW Dept., I’m looking forward to trying Chada Street the next time I’m in town.

@Porthos – I second this suggestion. He’s a bit too much of a “sweets” person for me, and is one of the few “fine dining” bloggers/reviewers that doesn’t know anything about wine whatsoever, but he is well worth reading! You can find his blog at http://endoedibles.com

Other Mama
Ichiza (don’t judge me)
Herbs & Rye

dying to check out Flock & Fowl