Favorite Restaurants in Santa Monica and Hollywood?


Santa Monica:
Tar & Roses
Bay Cities Italian Deli
Pono Burger
Wexler’s Deli (opening soon)
Milo & Olive
Gjelina Venice
Gjusta Venice

Saap Coffee shop
Ricky’s Fish Tacos
Musso & Frank


On the list, I’d probably subtract Pono Burger and replace w/ Father’s Office (although I haven’t tot the SaMo branch in many, MANY years) and replace Saap w/ Ruen Pair (esp since the latter has more convenient hours for me).

OP, if K-town is w/i your geographic area, you might want to look up the many, MANY threads on restaurants there…

For Santa Monica, I would add Belcampo, Chinois, Hungry Cat, Melisse, and Rose Cafe.

For Hollywood, I would add Birch, Hungry Cat, Petit Trois, and Providence. Literally on the border for Hollywood are Chi’ Spacca, Osteria Monza and Pizzeria Monza, which would also be on my list.

Enterprise fish company
Stella barre


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Baroo, Pailin, Soban, Genwa for soon dubu, The Golden State, Anaya

I had a pretty nice meal at Aestus recently. The pasta was a standout and the chicken was well roasted. Get the ricotta cheesecake if it’s available.

In Hollywood: papilles, birch, jitlada, hoy ka noodle, luv2eat, bludsos, saap, pikey, shintaro

I love Aestus.
it addition the the excellent chicken and (lamb ragu, I belive it is) pasta, I enjoyed the charcouterie platter very much.