Favorite Restaurants San Fernando Valley (SFV)?

Never noticed - must’ve happened during one of the dozen-ish mini remodels lately. Also, I can’t justify free water when a 16oz beer is a $3 upgrade via their lunch special.


Interesting that you mention that. I was thinking recently that food has gotten so “fancy.” Maybe there’s some sort of chicken-egg thing where food costs have increased, so maybe people are prioritizing going out in groups b/c it’s easier to justify the cost (and b/c it feels more celebratory)… which then maybe also makes many dine-in eateries feel that they have to up the ante w/ what they’re serving to please customers, which leads to even higher menu prices.

But I don’t work in the industry, so I have no idea.

Anyway, back to the topic. :slight_smile:


Today the water is out :man_shrugging: I guess that garlic powder is never coming back tho


I wonder why they stopped garlic powder, I never used it but it used to always be available at the og fairfax location


If garlic powder is available I would definitely use it. It is certainly an inducement for me to visit.

I hope “Bring your own garlic powder” does not become a trend.


At the risk of doxxing myself, I have started bringing in my own garlic powder.


$75 corkage is a non starter.

i was in santa barbara yesterday and i took the 126 out of ventura to the 118 just so i could do takeout from furnsaj yesterday. actually, that’s not entirely true, i took that route to avoid all the nasty 101 traffic in the SFV at that time of the day. picked up a lamb wrap and a falafel pie.

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Another awesome visit this week. Picanha special stole the show and very nice milanesa and Uruguayan cake


It’s interesting how they went out of business there. And just now driving down Ventura Boulevard where a Peruvian place was in Sherman Oaks near the Starbucks, and Joe’s pizza, is signage for tacos 1986.

that parking lot was/is garbage and if I’m going to spend that level of effort I’m probably going to Daichan or Kazunori.

I miss the OG 1986 real bad though :frowning:

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This is true.

The new location opening up, has a much bigger lot but i don’t think I’ve ever been able to find parking in it the few times ive tried.

100% this.

Honestly, I’ve never been to any of them. Always been on my list to try and the enthusiasm from most people here seems just meh.

It sounds like that pretty much sums up your opinion as well?

It’s the best option in Burbank and sometimes that’s enough.


NY Chicken & Gyro getting love from Eater. Was definitely one of my regular spots when I lived in the 818.


I was like, “Poop, all the way in Canoga Park”! but I’m happy to try the Venice location. :slight_smile:

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just had an excellent chicken shawarma sandwich(pita) at Carnival in Sherman Oaks…excellent and the fries may be the best Ive had in LA!!!

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It’s hard for me to imagine a better chicken shawarma than the one at Sincerely Syria on Ventura Boulevard, not far from Carnival. The owner is also a good guy…


Hasn’t been a year yet and it is now the $38 fried chicken, remains so good though :rofl: