Favorite Type of Fish for Sashimi?

With the understanding that the quality of any particular type of fish will vary on a number of factors (i.e., the season, the time of year, availability of sources, locale, etc.,) do you have a favorite fish for sashimi (or even nigiri)?

Ceteris paribus and assuming the stock of all fish in the ocean are not endangered or threatened.

  • Aji (horse mackerel)
  • Hamachi (amberjack)
  • Kanpachi (amberjack)
  • Katsuo (bonito or skipjack tuna)
  • Maguro (bluefin tuna)
  • Sanma (Pacific Saury)
  • Saba (mackerel)
  • Sake (salmon)
  • Saku (yellowfin tuna)
  • Suzuki (sea bass)
  • Tai (sea bream)

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Out of those listed it would’ve been Kanpachi, with Aji in a close second, but Shima Aji is a clear winner for me in the “OTHER” category.

Any reasoning behind the choices listed? Suzuki and Sanma are pretty scarce on the ground, especially as sashimi.

No rhyme or reason, just a list of all the type of fish I could think of.

We only get to pick one?

Specifically fish and no cephalopods or shellfish (are those under “other”)?

I want to change my vote to what @PorkyBelly said. Because it was a real toss-up between kanpachi and hamachi, and I always like his food better.

Only fish. No cephalopds or shellfish.

Maguro is just tuna in its most basic sense. Not necessarily BFT. Does your “maguro” include every part of every tuna? Does albacore not count even though its often referred to as shiro maguro?

Yes, every type of maguro. Including albacore.

I excelled at multiple choice exams in a past life (which, I suppose, partially explains how I got to this current life)… So before I answer, I need clarification:

Can “OTHER” mean “All of the above” ??? (Pretty please?)

Another clarification request: By “Maguro”, are you including all tuna subtypes, such as hon-maguro, mebachi-maguro, minami-maguro, bincho-maguro, kihada-maguro, etc.?

Dude, this isn’t like asking you to pick your favorite child. Oh, wait, I’m talk to @J_L about sushi. Never mind. Sure, if you want OTHER to mean all of the above, go ahead you flaccid milquetoast wimp.


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Vote is cast. Maguro is the clear choice.


Don’t worry tell the other fish in the sea.

I thought maguro refers to bluefin tuna only.

Lots of things are muddied by translation.

We sure were on the same page with this one!

I’m surprised that maguro is not doing better.

It really depends on one’s mood. Sometimes I want mackerel, other times salmon, and then there are days when nothing but masago with quail egg will do.