Favorites at Trader Joe's?

Some of mine:

Pulled pork
Chicken masala
Organic Greek yogurts in 1-serving containers
Corn & Flour tortillas
Paneer masala naan
Org Honduran Med Roast coffee
Parmesan & Romano grated cheese
Wild caught smoked salmon

Their cheese selection is good too. That reminds me I gotta go shopping today.

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I totally gorged on their frozen chocolate covered banana slices this weekend
(great way to beat those 100 degree temps!!!)

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Portobello Fries

Chicken Tikka Masala (the larger portion one, found in the refrigerated section with the salads)

Lamb Vindaloo


Crumbled Goat Cheese

Organic Power to the Greens

Shrimp Nuggets


Cobb Salad

Curried Chicken Salad

Heavy Cream

Wasabi Roasted Seaweed Snacks

Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken

Girasoli Ricotta & Lemon Zest

Toffee Chips

That’s all that comes to mind right now… My SO likes their coffees and the bags of frozen kung pao chicken.


Yum I’ll have to check those out.

Haven’t tried the Kung Pao frozen stuff but I’ve had their frozen potstickers and shu mai which are pretty good.

The lamb koftas were good when I mixed with yogurt and scooped with naan. Haven’t tried the vindaloo yet…thx for the tip!

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+1 on:
greek yogurt
various cheeses
crimini mushrooms
the new shrimp toasts (frozen) are pretty darn tasty
shrimp tempura
lobster tails (when they have them)
dark chocolate peanut butter cups


I NEED to check out those portobello fries, but I haven’t been able to turn on my oven in months (way too hot!).

The new procuitto/arugula frozen flatbread/pizza is supposed to be really good. (which I’ll also try when it cools off)


I am currently loving:
frozen chicken chile lime burgers
jarred peach salsa
guiltless spinach dip
100% whole wheat sandwich thins
bacon popcorn
ghost chili potato chips
Tahitian chocolate covered caramels


Have you tried the peach salsa ON the chicken chile lime burgers?

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I have, it’s very good and it makes a quick diet friendly lunch. The salsa is also great with grilled swordfish.

Had it today for dinner - SO good. I didn’t cook in the oven… I do it the lazy way and I think it comes out awesome (I heat the pizza on my flat griddle after it’s nice and hot… heat is on low-to-medium…cover pizza to ensure toppings get melty)…crust comes out nice and crispy…just how I like it

Tarte d’Champignon
Ridge Cut Sweet Potato Chips
Mango Slices
Gone Bananas

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++ on the chicken masala - add the frozen palak paneer and some naan and you got dinner you’d pay twice that at a restaurant …

Pork gyoza
Mini Brie
Canned green olives
Frozen shelled edamame
French green beans
Green dragon sauce
Kale ( put in roast pan, drizzle olive oil on top, 21 seasoning sprinkle, and leave in oven at 400 for 10-15 min – easy kale chips)
Cilantro hummus
Power of greens
Flour tortillas de comal
Korean short ribs

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sauerkraut w/ persian cucumbers
german bratwurst
henry’s hard pressed cider

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Sometimes I get lazy and stick the portobello fries in the microwave even though you’re not supposed to. They come out all soggy, but still taste good especially when dipped in ranch. :grin:

yeah----everything tastes better dipped in ranch (or blue cheese)!! But I don’t have a microwave so they’re gonna have to go into the oven. It’s pretty cool today, to bad I didn’t pick up some of those yesterday during my TJs run.

I saw a new item @ TJs yesterday that I snagged—SOUP DUMPLINGS.

The only flavor they had was chicken. These are the chinese XLB dumplings (xiao long bao) with the soup inside of the dumpling. I haven’t tried them yet and am hoping that they’re pretty good (I’m not expecting restaurant quality).

Australian licorice is so addictive. I can’t buy it otherwise I eat the entire container.

Also, I wish they hadn’t discontinued those chicken empanadas a while ago, those things were amazing. ):

Oh and the caramel swirl mini peanut butter cup ice cream.


From Lucky Peach (The Trader Joe’s Snacks Power Rankings: Part I):

I have to add a TJs AVOID: gnocci w/ gorgonzola sauce (frozen). simply horrible. the pasta was gummy and the sauce tasteless. I had a couple of bites and had to toss the entire batch.

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