Fearings (@ the Ritz Carlton) Uptown Dallas

Outstanding lobster bisque.

Quail and pork belly lettuce wrap was a loser. Just not good, on any level.

The antelope sirloin, however, was awesome, better than similar cuts I’ve had elsewhere in LA.

Ended the evening with one of best banana puddings I’ve had in a while.

2121 McKinney Ave

Weird how hotel restaurants can serve first-rate food and mediocre or worse crap in the same dining room.

What’s more weird is that you can get room service from Fearings but the same dish (the antelope) was significantly better at the restaurant. Though both were fine.

I was kind of obsessed with Fearings. I thought it was a pretty perfect Dallas restaurant. The service was always very friendly and knowledgable.

I didn’t have time to venture out to other Dallas restaurants as much as I would have liked, but luckily I was happy to go back to Fearings multiple times.

  • Wagyu Rib Eye & Chicken Fried Lobster (The rib eye was willllld. They gave you a butter knife to cut it. Also, it normally comes with a fillet, but I’m pretty sure I had the wagyu, which is apparently from cows that are Texas-Japan bred.)
  • Pan Roasted Redfish (Excellent)
  • Chilaquiles (Fineee)
  • Antelope (Pictured -poorly- below. It was awesome. I’d never had antelope before. And apparently it had just been added back onto the menu. Luckily.)
  • Banana Cream Pudding (Also pictured below. And also as awesome as @ipsedixit mentioned)


Thought it was cool that they had some Texas wines on the menu. This tempranillo was solid. I had it with the banana pudding.