February 2023 Rundown

M Grill - Went for a family gathering and your experience was pretty much our experience. I’m going to keep the Parks & Chosun idea in mind for next time.

Super Bowl LVII Grub

We went to the BH Farmers Market in the morning. The plan was to pickup chicken wings from Autonomy Farms to cook at home, chili from Black Cat BBQ, avocados from Westfield Farms for guacamole and other provisions. But while I was getting the wings hubs went to Black Cat for the chili and came back with a trough of pork ribs. He had only asked for a couple to eat there but he & Phil have become homies and Phil loaded him up with ribs, gratis. The chicken wings are in the freezer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Haas, Campari Tomatoes, Spring Garlic, Scallions, Serrano, Cilantro, Lime, S&P. Soy Sauce Chips

Black Cat Brisket Chili, topped w/White Cheddar, Sour Cream, Spring Garlic, Scallion & Cilantro

A pile o’ ribs!

Slices from a big loaf of Cornbread from Crustees

There was beer…

A good time shopping, eating and listening to the band play 70s covers of Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Beatles’ Blackbird. :hearts: Then home to prepare our spread and watch the Philly Eagles almost pull off a SB win.

Great day!


not for eagles fans - obv!


Haha I almost changed that to “good day” in deference to the Eagles who I was rooting for. I do have a couple family members from KC so I wasn’t too upset… and we did have a fun day! :blush:


That corn bread from Crustees… :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


It was the first time I even noticed the cornbread! I always get the pot pies & peach cobbler. Cornbread was so good! I sliced it a little too thin but it was so moist that it stayed together fairly well. :hearts:

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Oh!! They always ask me if I want some with their Chili (which I still buy with almost embarassing frequency). They see me coming… lol!!!

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February starts with him.

First time having shirako prepped this way!

Millet Crepe

Fresh Ocean Wholesale Market in Anaheim
Very fresh Kushi, Shibumi, and Shio Tang

Gaucho Grill in buena park
Their corn pudding is :pinched_fingers:

Meet Fresh

Valentine’s Collab - Kuya Lord & Petite Peso

Ube Daiquiri

The wagyu oxtail kare kare with garlic rice is crazy good


So perfect :heart::heart::heart:


Phonm penh and gusto bread bang bang.

Nixtimal “queen” aman was superb with a very apparent corn flavor. Also exceedingly pricey as 3 pastries cost over 24 dollars.

Phonm penh noodles were quite delicious. Not sure what the noodles are called but I got the number one with flat wide noodles.


The best start :star: I can’t wait to be you, sitting in front of him :raised_hands:


Jinhai the spiritual successor to Beijing pie house.

I had them reheated and not fresh since my friend brought them back for me. They tasted solid but were on the greasy side. Can’t wait to dig into to my bag of frozen pork leak and shrimp dumplings


Is this a real restaurant? Ghost kitchen?

Former ghost kitchen.


Finally made it to @Gr8pimpin’s favorite Salsa and Beer. I wish I had visited long ago! First visit I ordered the Spicy Guadalajara Carnitas.

So good - however it is a lot of food. I ended up with two lunches as well as my initial dinner.
Went back with my lovely wife the next week (she is pretty tolerant of my love for ethnic holes-in the-wall. We went to one of the Vanowen locations; which with eight booths and bar seating is definitely a hole-in-the-wall); unfortunately my pictures didn’t turn out as I didn’t have the flash turned on. I had the house special cream sauce steak and she had the flautas plate. So good and we are still eating leftovers. Highly recommended!
Also had the fried chicken po-boy from Mom’s Haus. Didn’t take a picture but another great sandwich from another of my favorite holes-in the-wall!


This warms my heart!



Corridor 109: Giant abalone presented by Chef Brian, before it magically became delicious dreamy risotto…

Iwashi Toast #HomageToPintxos


That iwashi toast! :drooling_face:


Shunji San’s new Shari this year is soooo good!

Shunji San said it’s a bit similar to his preferred 2019 version because he’s finally found his vinegars again (after all the pandemic supply chain hiccups)