February Weekend Rundown (2016)

In celebration of Leap Day, of course.

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Ramen Tatsunoya, washed it down with a bang bang at dog haus and a waffle from waffle de liege.


Chicken and truffles at Patina with some aged burgundy.


@Porthos WOW! Awesome Porthos! That looks amazing. :slightly_smiling:

How was the chicken? Was the white meat and dark meat cooked to perfection? (I remember reading that old post on CH where people were talking about how many places couldn’t get both parts right.)

And for the damage (cost) was it worth it? :slight_smile: Thanks.

I’m curious too, but how was the Burg?!

@Chowseeker1999 breast was just a touch overdone. Not dry but not really moist like Zuni either. Leg was tender. Foie was way too much. Chicken was $70 supplement for 2.

@bulavinaka burg was magical. Maybe the best wine I’ve ever had.

Palin Thai. Outstanding.


Glad to hear. Every time I see your bottles, the whole of my tongue tingles as my eyes bulge with vicarious anticipation.Great job as usual.

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Another nice report Porthos. :slight_smile: I still haven’t tried Pailin yet. What’s their specialties / good to order there? Thanks.

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Demitasse - iced latte. Very good.

Wax Paper Co - Ira Glass sandwich with avocado, cheddar, sprouts, pickled onions, and garlic aioli on Bub & Grandma’s bread; homemade pickled cauliflower and cucumbers; cold brew coffee; and Rusty’s Chips (chili and lime). Everything was great! I always think, “Ah, it’s just a normal veggie and cheese sandwich,” but all the ingredients are chosen with care. It’s definitely my favorite veggie sandwich right now. The Bub & Grandma’s bread is exceptional - hearty and studded with seeds on the edges.

Deli Taiyaki - hoddeok/hotteok. A little greasy, but chewy with a molten filling of sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, honey, cinnamon, and brown sugar.


I’ll defer to some of the more frequent patrons @TonyC.

Khao soy was good.

Larb was delicious. Very bright.

WOW that sandwich looks yummy! And I’m starting to see a trend with cold brew coffee…

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I finally made it out to Lodge (and it’s not even that far from me). Oh, lordy, it’s good. Pictured is the sprouted rye (guy behind the counter thinks it might be gluten-free) + salmon + (amazingly thinly sliced) radish and the lunch special (ham and cheese tartine w/ pickled carrots on whole wheat). So, SO good. The plating was also wonderfully artistic (and isn’t done any justice by my photo):

Alas, all was not perfect. The cinnamon roll is “meh” in my opinion. Too bready (not surprisingly) and there’s an odd tang to the frosting (sour cream?). I’d skip it.

Partner also loved their cafe macchiato.


Dim sum at Shanghai No. 1. No complains tastewise however execution and service a little rough around the edges. Quite a contrast from their outlet in Shanghai.


Ah! You missed the Portuguese egg tarts. A barely solid custard. The best.

Mori. As always, amazing.

Notable seasonal items: shirako, Hokkaido hairy crab, buri belly, kawahagi with liver, delicious smoked tuna belly,


Pailin - holy khao the khao soi here is fantastic


Lunch cuz hungry

Gjusta egg sand

Then salmon belly bialy with whipped burrata. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Picked up a couple chicken biryani from Zam Zam. One for instant gratification and one for Superbowl. No lamb until 4:00pm and I needed to leave the area but the chicken…POW!!!. Flavor bomb and perhaps tastes better than my previous experience. Or maybe becuz I it has been a while and other places have been mediocre? But I report no issues regarding quality or flavor.

Then dinner at Bizarra Capital, again quite good.

Can’t get away from these flank steak chimichangas. And the consume puts them over the top.

Chorizo taco…yum.

Huitlacoche quesadilla…average, not much flavor and definitely a toned down huitlacoche flavor compared to other places.

Huitlacoche and cheese action shot.

Nopales, quite good.

Chicken taco

Then saw a taco truck on Whittier Blvd and 605fwy. It was Estrella Taco Truck so got an Al Pastor taco. Really awesome taco and for $1.10. The Al Pastor was so tender it melted in your mouth. Great salsa.


Very Nice Eating Weekend. First breakfast at Superba Food + Bread. And Sunday Brunch at Gjelina!