Feeling Fancy

I’m thinking about taking a solo trip out to Las Vegas on the second half of Thanksgiving weekend. I love dining here in my hometown of Los Angeles, but every now and then, I love to get down with a big old tasting menu. I have not yet been to Joel Robuchon, Guy Savoy, Le Cirque, or Twist. Last couple of trips, I have enjoyed meals at L’Atelier and é by Jose Andres. I think part of the reason I enjoyed those meals (aside from the wonderful food) is that I enjoy high-end counter service. Seems to especially suit me as a solo diner. Any recent intelligence on the aforementioned, or anything else you think might see fit, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

How about Raku?

Not counter service but IMO nothing fancier than Joel Robuchon in Vegas.

Complimentary gold limo pickup on request.

About that time for wild boar with black perigord truffles and lobster ravioli with more black truffles…

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Joel Robuchon and Guy Savoy come to mind.

Well, since there happens to be a branch a few blocks away from me on La Cienega now, I’m not sure if there is really a need to visit when I’m in Vegas. I could be wrong though.

I am assuming/hoping that those dishes tasted as good (or better) as they look. I’m kind of salivating right now.

They were indeed delicious.

The wine list is stupid marked up at 3-5x but there will be a decent deal here and there on some interesting old wines.

One more fancy dish for you. Veal ravioli with white truffles.

But I would do in this order:

Joel Robuchon Mansion
Guy Savoy
L’Atelier (skip dessert though, I recently had a pistachio and chartreuse soufflé which was terrible, but amazing crabe royale)

Le Cirque has really good soufflés.


The counter at the Oyster Bar at Palace Station is one of the best in the USA…
Kicks serious ass…
Go on off times since the lines can be quite long…open 24/7

Lakeside Wynn is no counter but outstanding seafood with a wild lake show.
Nobu Caesars sushi bar is excellent too.

But Sweets Raku doesn’t fucking exist in LA just yet. So maybe you still have a lavish dessert option post-prandially.

Thanks for the tip on Le Cirque. I wonder if the fucking original in NY is still any fucking goood ???

I think my mind is settled upon Joel Robuchon. I had such a great time at L’Atelier last year. This amazing shrimp carpaccio dish that was a perfect demonstration of knife skills, presentation, quality ingredients, and flavor balance. And that quail with the mashed potatoes deserves all the fame it gets.

I think the food at Joel Robuchon is no better than L’Atelier. A bit more luxe with the ingredients.

The best part about JR is the bread cart, cheese cart, and chocolate cart. I actually just get the lowest priced 2 course option and do one of the truffle supplements and go to town on the bread cart. The bacon gruyere baguette and/or mini buns are addictive.

chocolate cart sounds dope. what’s served on there

kind of like the carts in and around the old lespinasse and la berndardin.


fucking hookers and a bottle of cristal and a few bottles of 61 cheval blanc ??? perhaps ???

and triple zero Beluga caviar.

and an ace, veteran mixologist for hire.

@elllenost from CH has just posted some amazing pics from a recent dinner at Le Cirque in LV on IG. I have to say that is appears to be a lot more “forward thinking” than the image I had in my mind (classic, staid, rigidity, etc.) Nice use of luxury ingredients as well. My interest is more than piqued.

Their food definitely meets the eye appeal. Sometimes the food looks better than the customers. :joy:

what is this fucking forward looking thing about ???

was sirio machinist there ??? the grande dame of restaureatures ???

thanks for the pithy fucking report.