Felix, Available Thursday, November 30th, 6:30pm, Table for Four

Come and get it! I just released it.

Did anyone take it? That’s worth a lot lol

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It went in seconds.

Pretty good for a restaurant that didn’t make the 101.


Is Felix the most popular formal-ish sitdown restaurant in LA? No lines like Howlin Rays, but in terms of places you go to sit down for dinner. It seems harder to get into than anywhere else I can think of.

n/naka is still harder.

For those truly intent on trying it, the Felix bar serves their full menu, and is wide open after 10:30pm most nights.

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Felix closes at 10 PM every night now, so it would make a lot of sense for the bar to be wide open by 10:30 most nights.

N/Naka doesn’t take walk-ins at all, though, right?

That is news to me (I seem to recall that it was open til midnight awhile back). A quick perusal of the current updated Felix website does say that it’s open 'til 11PM on Friday & Saturday these days.

My point was that grabbing a seat at the bar later in the evening is best the way to go. If I wanted to maximize walk-in success, I’d try for a seat at the bar on a Tuesday at 9:30pm, or something to that effect.

n/naka remains reservation-only.

True enough.

I am also mystified about Felix having earlier closing hours. Much saddened by it.

I should’ve included “accepts walk-ins” I suppose. I feel like Felix would be as hard to get into as N/Naka if they didn’t take any walk-ins, even with their new earlier closing times, though who really knows I suppose.

Bestia still seems harder to grab a resume at as well than Felix, at least as if six months ago.

Hmm, got into Bestia with a res just this Friday, made the res on Tuesday for Friday. Feels like it may have flipped recently.

I’m getting real good at this.


There are 10:30pm reservation slots at Felix.

All these restaurants are tough tables and all deservedly so. They are all not huge restaurants, so supply and demand.

Agree n/naka is the toughest as it is the smallest restaurant. No walk-ins because Niki customizes the menu to each diner.

I’d say Bestia and Republique are still busier.

We shouldn’t complain: getting tables in LA is far easier than in SF or NYC

That’s a new development. Maybe it was a fluke?

I’ve never had to wait to get into Republique before…

Obviously you’ve never been for brunch at around 11:30

Guess that’s true.

What makes their brunch so good?

No idea.

Guess I could ask the same about the pasta at Felix.

Or the hot dogs at Pinks.


idk about the others, the fact that Felix makes the only ultra al dente type pasta, modeled after a variety of old-school Italian recipes, hewing intensely to an Italian aesthetic rarely successfully implemented outside of Italy, and therefore preaches a heavenly choir of flavor to a particular kind of palate seems to explain why Felix is booked solid every night.