Filet-O-Fish are $1.69 on Friday. . .yippee!

Friday…All Year Long!

It’s the fish
that catches


Dive right in and enjoy our wild-caught fish from our sustainable fishery, topped with melty American cheese, creamy tartar sauce and served on a soft, steamed bun.

Slap a side of hash browns (now available as part of the McD breakfast-all-day promo) into that bad boy, and then ask for extra tartar sauce to dip your frankenfishsandwich into…

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Just for you, @Plumeria, feel free to order up as many Filet-O-Fish sandwiches whenever - who needs Lent? - and just put it on my tab.

I’ve already bequeathed to McDonald’s my first born. And second.

That should cover both of us.

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I know it’s sacrilege but I effing love filet-o-fish.

$1.79 per? That’s enough to get a jew excited about lent.

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Still busting gut on your comment lectroid…
Solid…and that ain’t no f*cking joke!

The Swedish, Italian mixed in with the Taiwanese love that we have for our beloved Filet-O-Fish, is something so wrong, it must be right. .


After working out at the gym, all I could think about was that damn beloved FoF with extra tartar sauce and a small fry, squished into a thing of ultimate beauty.
Out Frigging Standing!

It’s $1.69 in SoCal all year long on Friday’s!

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Gotta try it with the hashbrowns…kind of the same concept but those damn fries at McD’s, are da best…

Before the all-day breakfast menu, that was known as the 10:30 Filet O Fish

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