Filet o Hashbrown

Since there doesn’t seem to be a chains board, and I know Ipsedixit hangs out here, I figured I would post My 10:35 am sandwich from McDonald’s. Today they started their breakfast all day service and was able to get a Filet O Fish and a Hashbrown which @ipsedixit has been raving about for many years. It was good.


Hi Mattapoisett,

Nice to see you post! :smile: Welcome.

That looks… outrageous. LOL.

matt-welcome…I guess when you give only half a slice of American cheese out times a zillion, you can make some extra profits…having starting my illustrious career at BK I can assure you that this shit is premeditated!

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Do the hash in a Quarter Pounder. Or McRib. Or substitute the regular Big Mac bun for McGriddle buns instead.

The delicious potential permutations are endless. I’m lovin’ it.

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I am truly not worthy.

For I am in the presence of greatness.


Btw that pic looks so fucking disgusting …,

Disgustingly delicious of course.

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Why is there cheese on only half to the bottom bun??? An aesthetic choice, perhaps?

That’s a thing of beauty. Filet O Fish Friday during lent, THAT’S “the most wonderful time of the year!”

One suggestion: I think it needs to be a double filet o fish with the hashbrown between the two fish filets.

In the case of the Filet-O-Fish, twice the fish isn’t always twice as nice, IMHO…


Solid Matt. .
I see why Dommy married you!!!

I’m a Filet O’ Fish chick with a small fry squished inside with extra tartar…da bomb… :bomb:

very true.

double down filet o fishes on one bun with double the half slices of american cheese is beyond disgusting. And by disgusting, I don’t happen to mean disgustingly delicious.

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i’m usually perfectly content or maybe not so perfectly content with four Filet of Fishes and a biggee Diet Coke, because after all is said and done i’m desperately and futilely trying to hold on to my girlish figure.



A little known fact about the Filet-O-Fish. It’s not really about the fish, the big fish stick is there only for texture, to provide a nice crunch and to serve as a delivery vessel for the tartar sauce.


I think it was a decision made after much deliberation, experimentation, and market testing.

A whole slice of synthetic plastic yellow dairy food coloring would offset the delicate balance that the Filet-O-Fish serves to achieve in the universe – Soft, crunchy, sweet, salty, with a gentle touch of gooey umami provided by that aforementioned yellow plastic thing.


Wow, that is so incredibly interesting. and that’s no fucking joke.

usually I even get the filet fish sans tartare sauce if you can believe it.


never knew that the sauce was the entire point.

if the sauce is the point, then I must respectfully limit myself to two tops;

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I’ll happily take the other 2 off your hand then.

I, too, value your girlish figure.

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I for the most part agree about the single vs the double. I get singles 99% of the time.

However, In this case because of the added crunch from the hash brown, the crunch to soft ratio may not be quite right.

I am going to have to test the 1 vs 2 filets with hashbrowns tonight, purely for the science!!!i

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I need to desperately shed a few pounds first.

last night was somewhat of a massacre:

two fried chicken legs, the diebetic induced (according to the cashier) honey honey biscuit from Krispy Krunchy Fried chicken.

Califonria fish grill ---- white fish, beans and salad.

Fish flauta ---- greasy as fuck from Flautas

candied yams and mac n cheese from Café Creole.

each joint was in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw plaza save for CA fish grill.

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Fucking glutton.

I like it.