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Really lack experience with food from the Philippines and would love any recommendations/favorite places! Really trying to learn more about the cuisine before I plan a trip and I know there are quite a few places in LA.

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I’m by no means an expert, but Lord Maynard Llera cooks some fantastic Philippino food at Kuya Lord. I’ll admit I haven’t been to the new(ish) spot on Melrose, but I loved every tray of food I ever grabbed from his backyard.


Kuya Lord is pretty great in the brick and mortar space too!

There have been lots of false starts in the high profile/fancy/modern Filipino food area - Petite Peso, Ma’am Sir, Lasa, Sari Sari Store all sadly didn’t stick for one reason or another. Lasita is great, and there are a handful of pop-ups like Soul Phil and more around at farmers markets and the like. But it would also be worth checking out the old school spots in filipinotown and eagle rock, like Toto’s Lechon, Kusina Filipina, Kubo, etc.

I haven’t been to SiSiG or Hi-Fi Kitchen but have heard good things in the fast casual area.


@justindilemma my spouse is Filipina, here are her tips:

Native Filipino tastes vary from Filipino Americans.

If you want authentic, go where native Filipinos go:
Jollibee, Seafood Grill, Red Ribbon, Salo Salo Grill, Jerry’s Grill, Jerome’s Grill, LA Rose. Spoon & Pork, Neri’s, Goldilocks, Island Pacific & Seafood City, Max’s Fried Chicken.

Dishes to try:
Lechon Kawali
Fried Bangus
Garlic Rice
Kare Kare
Pancit Palabok
Sinigang (sour tamarind soup, amazing)
Lumpiang Shanghai
Fresh Lumpia

Any of the silogs: (garlic rice & fried egg)
Tap (beef) silog
Long (sweet pork sausage) silog
Bang (fried fish) silog
To (Tocino is a sweet pork) silog

Halo Halo
Mango cake
Ube ice cream
Mango ice cream
Suman (sweet coconut sticky rice)
Cassava cake
Buko / young coconut (you can drink this as a juice too)

Siopao (pork nap)
Chicken empanadas

Sliced Green mango with bagoong (shrimp paste)
Sliced jicama with salt & soy sauce
Garlic peanuts


I’d say my favorite Filipino spots around town are (in no order):

Big Boi, Kuya Lord, Spoon & Pork, Lasita, Seafood City (for barbecue skewers)

I’m going to the Philippines for the first time in a few months as well, can’t wait!


There’s one near me. Perhaps I will give it a whirl. Thanks for the rec.


We’ve had a good experience with Lasita. That would be my top recommendation.

We’ve had a mixed but overall good experience with Kuya Lord (e.g., thought the hiramasa collar was great and the pancit was mediocre).

Spoon & Pork was solid. Would go back.

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