Filipino Lechon?

Want :point_down:t6: Where to go?


Cebu philippines lol.

Only place I’ve had lechon in LA was at Eva’s lechon near sunset junction. It was good but by no means out of this world. I’ve hear from a filipino friend the best lechon is catered not sold at restaurants.


as far as whole pig goes, harder to find nowadays. The ones my family would go to was someone who did it in their back yard. (special order only) lol.
as far as lechon pork belly rolled like Porchetta, I’ve liked Lasita for this. I havent tried Kuya Lord but i hear great things about his food. There’s a couple of Filipino places in Carson and some other places, i\ll update once i find the name of the place my sister got hers from


/edit Nm. Sorry I misunderstood the question.

Chibugan, Lechon At Ethan’s Restaurant may be selling them by the pound, Saturday only. Fiesta Barbecue & Bibingka has whole lechon for $350. Both located at Carson.


Not lechon but they are doing whole hog this weekend in San Juan Capistrano


If catering is ok, a friend ordered one from here. They deliver to the LA area.


What did your friend think of Papa J’s? I actually have considered ordering from them in the past but we always went with some other catering.

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I thought Kuya Lord was dope, but only had their longanisa. Not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for but I’ve enjoyed the Lechon at Toto’s on the Eagle Rock/Glendale border.

Toto’s Lechon Manok
(323) 259-9926


Oh, they loved it! I guess that would have been useful information for me to put in that post. :rofl:


Thanks for the recs! Lots of places to check out

The Carolina whole hog I’ve had is about as different from lechon as roast pig can be. They chop it all up together and mix it with sauce. To me it’s a crime against crispy skin.

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To say you do not like it is one thing, but to call it a crime is petty ignorance. Plus, a good Carolina purveyor will make their own pork rinds and serve them with the meal.

+1 for Toto’s Lechon Manok


Growing up in the Lowcountry, I agree about the compromises as whole hog becomes pulled pork. Translating whole hog bbq, really best as a pig pickin at family/church function, to restaurants loses the fun and variety of specific cuts. Pig pickin is really the ideal.

There was one buffet style place growing up that put out a half pig, head and all, and thongs to pull from where you preferred, but that didn’t last.

+1 for Lasita. Amazing place

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It appears that there are several Toto’s Lechon Manok’s in the greater LA area. The one your link listed is near Glendale, Google says that there are locations in West Covina, Panorama City and perhaps others. Are they the same mini-chain? Which location offers the most consistent Lechon?

Extremely good question! No idea. I’ve only been to the one along the 2 freeway. Thought it was good!

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I went to the on off the 2 as well, it was good but wow was it a lot of fat. I haven’t tried to the one in West Covina, but I have seen people load up a full roasted pig and it looks pretty damn good.