Fine dining lunch?

First off, I am so grateful to have found this site. Thought of losing my source - this great community - of many, many great places, times and food over the last 10+ years was quite sad.

I am seeking a recommendation for a very high quality lunch. Location and price is not really a concern. It will be on a Wednesday so Providence is out, but I’m really looking for something similar in all around quality. No sushi please.

Thank you once again!


Hahaha. I was about to say Provdience.

Go to Spago and arrange in advance for the dinner time tasting menu.

And then just sit back and let it fucking roll.


Craft in Century City does a good lunch business with very professional service.

Isn’t Chinois on Main open for lunch Wed thru Fri?

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Yep. But it’s not the greatest find dining.

It seems like on 80s autopilot these days. And it ain’t cheap. And it’s not that tasty.

But Chinois really does need to be hit up even if it’s just for the sake of visiting snow ultra-staid museum.

Spago is a good call. Make sure to sit on the patio.

Great recommendation Kevin.

Spago with a pre-arranged request for a tasting menu for lunch. Lovely.

And welcome Heidi! Glad you found us. :smile:

Providence is only open for lunch on Fridays. Hours + Directions - Providence | Providence

Agree with Spago

and if you are up for a drive Nobu Malibu is worth the trip. Much more than just sushi…

My top three choices would be the following (ex Providence), in no particular order.



Wolfgang Puck at the Hotel Bel Air

Each are fantastic in their own right and fits the criteria of “fine dining lunch” but each will offer different experiences vis-a-vis the others.

Patina will be a bit more formal, though not stuffy, as the clientele tends towards more Wall St and white-shoe firms vibe. Sort of a fallback for those who want a reprieve from the California Club, or those that need to impress but don’t have a membership at the California Club, and the Jonathan Club is just a bit too ragged.

Spago is certainly more casual by comparison, and the vibe in the room exhibits that. It veers more towards a Madison Ave and CAA crowd. The room can also be a bit louder, though the atrium is always gorgeous when the sun is out, or even when it’s not.

Wolfgang Puck at the Hotel Bel Air again will be different. Older, a bit more serene crowd. Lots of hushed voices and the room tends towards a more eclectic group (from tourists, to drug dealers, to sugar daddys).

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Three great picks. Agree on all counts.

Thank you all for the responses. I really appreciate it! I really like Patina so it is a great recommendation, however, it is not open for lunch. I have an unfair bias against Spago as I’ve had too many semi pretentious work dinners there, but it’s definitely something to think about given the recommendations, that I haven’t been in a few years and this is a purely social lunch. Asking for the tasting menu is a great idea too. The picture from Nobu looks amazing so I’ll definitely check out the menu to see if it’ll work for the non sushi eater.

I loved the descriptions Ispe, you may have overlooked the recovering from plastic surgery group at the Bel Air though :relaxed:.

chinois, imho, has slipped in the last few years in almost all respects.

My bad. I totally brain farted and forgot they stopped during weekday lunches after the holidays.

Bouchon worth a look even if only for the foix gras pate and toast points.

Grill on alley many solid and tasty items tho nothing super interesting

I would only add the additional option of lunching at Redbird in DTLA. Open for lunch Mon-Fri 11:30AM-2PM

Redbird’s lunch menu link: