Fiore (somewhere in Philly)

Had one meal in Philly last week and ended up at Fiore, mainly because Eater recommended it and I couldn’t get into a slew of other places. I was very impressed. The space is fantastic–I figured it was somewhat of a neighborhood institution based on the very cool bar and the comfortable, formal-ish leaning dining room–but it apparently opened just before covid.

I don’t have the energy to write a review about the food, but think produce-centric new american-ish, with a handful of nods to italy, specifically with their pasta situation. We had a fava bean puree, a delicious farinata, a roasted zucchini dish, along with 4 different pastas, and a hamachi collar and a tuna in a black olive sauce. All good, and most everything was very clean eating. It’s kinda rare that I eat at a spot like this in a different city and wish it was in LA, but that was certainly the case here.

SIDE NOTE i had been in the philly suburbs for like a week eating really mediocre and heavy food so perhaps i was overwhelmed by the presence of vegetables so if you go here and don’t like it, blame it on the philly suburbs, not me!

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