First Time at Brent's Deli

Going to Brent’s Deli (Westlake) for the first time – it’ll be Saturday morning. Ordinarily I’d definitely order a pastrami sandwich of some sort, but it will be 9 in the morning. Are their pancakes, french toast or waffles anything special? Or go with the sandwich anyway? What is particularly good there?

Nosher, the choice is beyond fucking easy. Go with the fucking pastrami sandwich.

It’s your first visit there and it took you that long to get there.

Who knows when you will be back ???


ITA with Kevin. See if they’ll put an egg on top of it if you want it to feel more 'breakfasty" Also I love their potato pancakes… 'Hashbrowns"



Pastrami Reuben for breakfast (only semi-kidding — tis amazingly good)!! Their smoked fish, nova, cod is all top notch, though I have never eaten it there so I cannot attest to the bagels that accompany the fish.

Get a knish to go for later! The meat are so flippin good but so are the potato.

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A funny coincidence: LANGER’S Deli is in a part just west of Downtown L.A. called Westlake, and BRENT’S Deli is far, far away in a separate city called Westlake Village.

But both delis are in areas called “Westlake”!

Black pastrami Ruben with grilled sauerkraut for me. Or you can go pastrami and eggs and get some BBQ cod.


Hard salami eggs and onions. Lox eggs and onions. Either served with a bagel and cream cheese as a conduit to the pie hole. Steak fries instead of hash browns. That’s what I’d do at 9am. Then chase the dragon at the stovepiper lounge next door.

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A5KOBE got it right…go with their smoked fish platter with their wonderful in house BBQ smoked cod…then again their black pastrami Ruben is very hard to beat.

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Good Corned Beef Hash too….

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Nice!! I was wondering about their hash.

It more like a crispy patty and not chunky. Much more corned beef than potato…I really like it.

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I like it that way too. Solley’s on Ventura in Woodland Hills (Before the dark times… before the Empire --JFD) used to make it this EXACT way. Thanks for the tip.

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And you can order it as a side order too (you get one patty and no egg).

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wiener, what’s that fried or garlic cheese toast looking fucking thing to the right of the black pastrami reuben on the same plate ???

thanks man.

If it’s a latke you have to turn in your card.

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Your are correct a Latke, you can have it instead of fries at no extra charge, You can have their mini latke (in center of photo) also.


So, How was your visit to Brent’s? What did you end up getting?

Latke latke latke!

I am a sucker for those…

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I didn’t like the latke as much as the fries - although I love latkes. When I ordered it it was a little soggy - might have been an off day. Its really hard to order anything but the Black Pastrami Reuben there - although they have a great breakfast burger with a gooey fried egg in the mix. I am a sucker for a burger with egg yolk dripping all over the bun. Messy, but so very good!

For the most part, I find restaurant latkes a bit to floury. Brent’s was no exception, though I haven’t had them in years, because of my first and last experience.

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