First time LA: foodie shops in West Hollywood/ close-ish

Visiting LA for the first time in March from London. I work in food so keen to check out some inspiring stores/markets while I’m there - any recommendations? Staying in West Hollywood I think but can travel.

Thanks in advance, A.

The Original Farmers Market is not too far away. With a good selection of small shops and restaurants.


Wally’s in Beverly Hills is worth a look.

  • Hollywood farmers market on Sunday
  • Koreatown supermarkets - Galleria, H-Mart, Jun Won Banchan
  • LA Mutual Trading - Bring a business card along
  • Mexican markets - here’s a place to start Where to Buy Mexican Ingredients in Los Angeles
  • K&L wines for Cali, Oregon and Washington wines. Bourbons and Rye.
  • Yoshihiro cutlery and Japanese Knife Imports, both in Beverly Hills

The Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market (Third & Arizona) is worth the drive…


Yes. It’s worth a visit. Have a couple of pints, and have some mole or posole from loterea a roti paratha from Singapore leaf. Beyond that I wouldn’t call it any kind of a foodie destination.


Connie and Ted’s, Petit Trois, Little Door, Ink. Drinks @ Gracias Madre, Roger Room, Toca Madera, El Carmen.

That institution called Dan Tana’s - Ask to be seated in the backroom, where the pours are generous and the LA/Hollywood people-watching is second to none. Oh, and a pretty decent steak too, I might add.

Food Truck: Ricky’s Fish Tacos, near Sunset & Vermont in Hollywood (Ricky usually sets up shop in that area; but they are on twitter): I don’t exactly know what the fish taco scene is like in London, but you should try these outstanding fish tacos in any case.

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Hawaii Supermarket

Grand Central Market

Urban Radish

International Marine Products

You will have to travel from Hollywood for most of the places listed above. But look at it this way, how often do you visit LA from London for the first time?

Live a little. Ahem, I mean, travel a little.

Enjoy your stay.

For visitors, the weather in SoCal has been pretty amazing for nearly two months, (considering it is winter). The farmers markets in Hollywood (on Sundays off Ivar) and the one you mention really showcase some of the best produce that is in season.

If I were visiting from London right now, and were making the trip to the Wednesday FM in Santa Monica, I surely would want to see how the local agricultural products shine in capable hands. Gjelina or Gjusta, come to mind, or Cafe Gratitide for vegan food that is satisfying enough for non-vegans. Maybe even a ride up the coast to Malibu?

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A capital idea. Lunch by the Pacific Ocean at Nobu Malibu!


I was thinking Nobu as well, including a caveat regarding the potential impact on one’s travel budget. But with your guidance and suggestions…

Have a couple of beers at the beach south of the pier, eat at the totally nice cafe at the end of the pier… end of story… no need to blow a wad on Nobu… we have a lot better restaurants in the city IMO. By all means hang out in Malibu though. Make a reservation at Getty Villa obviously

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IMP. Open to the public? or wholesale only?

I don’t think there are wholesale-only things in LA… everything Ip listed is open to the public for sure though.

One can eat vegan at Gjusta can’t they? Some of my favorite things at Gjusta are vegan (as far as I know…like all of the vegetables…I guess bread is not vegan though right?)

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You’ve received some recs for restaurants, in addition to shops/markets. Do you mind the restaurants recs? (b/c, if not, that would prob result in many more suggestions…)

Petrossian on Robertson might be interesting.

Sure. Never said one couldn’t at Gjusta. But Cafe Gratitude is exclusively vegan, and “creates” dishes that are meant to broadly entertain the often-times constrained vegan palate. And aside from the whole “I am ________” menu names thing, many no-vegans find a fair number of their dishes good to great as well.

Crossroads in the Melrose area is another restaurant that is doing amazing vegan-friendly things.

Cape Seafood and Provisions is a specialty grocery store/market/ butcher that is ready to open - they need one last permit and it looks like 2 weeks.

BTW - owners are Michael Cimarusti - a Michelin 2 star chef and Donato Poto - both owners of Providence - easily one of the best fine dining restaurants in L.A. (and work a visit if you’re hitting the restaurants.

Surfas - pro cooking gear and a more than decent “gourmet deli” - also a little lunch place with great sandwiches. Fun place - you can spend an hour or more in here pretty easily.

Santa Monica Farmer’s market on Wedneday mornings. Fun. You’ll see a lot of better chefs - often with an assistant pushing a large.

I don’t think Petit Trois or any other place serving straight-up French classics makes much sense for a visitor from London.