Fish and Chips near Mar Vista/Del Rey

Oh - this looks AWESOME!!! Thank you Ipsedixit!

Plus, I have a friend who lives in Little Tokyo who is always looking for new places…

Plus plus, I adore laminations (or coconut bars as they are called in my hometown) and theirs look great, so I will definitely check this out!

And its dog friendly! You can actually order a dog meal for $6,

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I have been happy with the fish and chips at John O’Groats down on Pico in the Rancho Park area. But then I grew up on the long gone Bit O’Scotland’s fish and chips, and my judgement might be clouded by nostalgia. the son of the BO’S owners, runs JO’G.


I use to live a few blocks from Wee Chippy and it is really good. Yes, parking can be a nightmare and I have not been there in a couple of years, but I would definitely check it out.

Thanks … will have to try it.

Maybe I’ll just ride the bus down Washington and eff the parking situation?

There’s always Lyft, too.