Fish and Chips near Mar Vista/Del Rey

For reasons unknown to me, I have been craving fish and chips. But if I’m going to eat F&C, I want it to be really good – I don’t want to waste what I would consider a real indulgence on greasy fish or limp fries.

I feel like I’m in a fish and chips wasteland. There’s an H. Salt but I don’t want fast food. I like Smitty’s for fried fish quite a bit, but they have lousy fries. I enjoy the food at the California Fish Grill (same parking lot as what I still call the Fox Hills Mall) but they do a better job with grilled fish or tacos and their fries aren’t worth it. I’ve had the fish and chips at Joxer’s Daly, but don’t remember really loving it. (I actually don’t like eating at JD, just having a drink. I always feel like they serve food there but would rather not serve food there.)

A web search suggested Tangaroa, but that feels more upscale than what I’m looking for.

I dunno – maybe I’m craving something that doesn’t really exist – maybe I like the idea of fish and chips more than I like fish and chips. That said, I’d very much appreciate any fish and chips suggestions anyone might have that specifically takes location into account. My starting point is where the 405 crosses Culver Boulevard.

Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

You probably don’t want to pay for parking but Wee Chippy at Venice Boardwalk was pretty good when I visited

I thought about that, but beachfront in Venice seems as arduous as commuting.

But it’s a good suggestion and I appreciate it. Will let you know if I try it.

Where is there an H Salt? You mean on Santa Monica Blvd?

I actually don’t know. Someone told me “H. Salt” but I rejected the idea on principle and didn’t ask where it was.

My bad

I should add that I’m thinking maybe Tony Ps in the Marina. Not that close to me, but not that bad either. If anyone has had the f&c there – please let me know.

Been a couple years but I did like the fish and chips at Joxer’s.

Didn’t much care for the beer battered fish and chips at Seasalt in Culver City. Very much prefer their cornmeal catfish instead.

Not sure if he’s still involved, but Brendan Collins took some of his hits from the old Waterloo and City to the menu at Butcher’s Dog on Sawtelle, including the fish and chips. I recall enjoying the F&C at W&C.

Haven’t had it but am curious about the F&C at The Irish Times in Palms. Love the burger there.

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I know this is not what OP is looking for, but out of curiosity has anyone tried Ralphs fried fish?

Instead of H. Salt, how about Salt Air on Abbott Kinney?

The Lobster.

Or is that too far north?

Don’t bother. The one on S.M. Blvd was foul and disgusting the one time I went (but I do recommend Percolate for tea, if you’re in that strip mall, but this is just based on one visit).

I think the fish and chips at the SaMo location is (barely) passable.

It’s been at least a yr since I last went, but I thought their fish and chips were pretty good.

OP, if The Independent isn’t too far north, I think they also do pretty good fish and chips. Be sure to ask for them to substitute to the steak fries w/ regular fries (unless you prefer steak fries)… When I want FnC, that’s pretty much the only place I’ll go to in the area.

Not a good fish&chips. Skip.

Well, it’s on the other side of the world to you, but I really like the fish and chips at The Morrison, right by the Los Feliz golf course. Great fish, perfectly fried, you get three pieces to an order (with chips) and I think it’s $13. And they have malt vinegar, yum.

If you are willing to trek that far then too, the fish and chips at Tam O Shanter are lovely as well. Haven’t had them in a few years but they’ve been consistent for years, so, fingers crossed.

Thank you!

This makes my recommendation for The Lobster seem like it’s a walk in the park from Mar Vista/Del Rey.

Thanks for the rec

Not too far north on a weekend, but on a weekday probably

Thanks though, I’ll check it out

“This makes my recommendation for The Lobster seem like it’s a walk in the park from Mar Vista/Del Rey.”

Indeed! (I did warn that it was far, far way ; )

More years ago than I care to admit, I liked the fish and chips at Kings Head in SM but, I’ve heard it’s gone downhill.

And while I am sure there are worse things in life, I’ll never forget going to a fancy place in Malibu, ordering fish and chips - and they’d made it with tilapia. YUCK!

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It has. It used to be my gold standard, but I last had it 1-2 yrs ago, and it was pretty bad…

“It has. It used to be my gold standard, but I last had it 1-2 yrs ago, and it was pretty bad…”

Aw darn. This is one time where I’d be happy to be wrong : |

For a good fish and chips further inland, I think an under-the-radar star is the fish and chips at Bronzed Aussie in DTLA.