Fish Dumplings, without Pork?

Some previous threads have gott me thinking especially the one on JJ Hsou in Irvine (which sounds incredible and offers seafood and fish dumplings i believe) as well as Earthern in Rowland Heights (???).

Anyways, where do you get good or pontentially great or even decent FISH DUMPLINGS without pork from ???

Thanks guys.

101’s cod fish dumplings are my favorite. Their regular fish dumplings are very good as well. I like the texture of the filling of the cod fish ones better.

DTF has their Silk Squash & Shrimp
XiaoLongBao (but they are Not in Season at the moment)

THen why in fuck’s name are you posting and in the process tempting me so ??? :slight_smile:

no worries i’ll file it in the old pea brain for when it shows up in the season next time.

Flavor garden? Just had the fish dumplings and they were good and I imagine porkless. . .(oops wrote the wrong garden the first time)

Are you talking about actual pork meat, or just pork stock, or both?

Or do you want something akin to Kosher fish dumplings? (And you can rest assured, there are no camel or hyrax dumplings in the SGV, although a rare hare dumpling offering is seen every once in a while.)

But I digress. Fish dumplings do not have pork. Fish dumplings (not XLB) are made with some sort of white fish (although some use salmon), dried shrimp, and some sort of vegetable (either Chinese napa cabbage, chives, etc), and seasonings like sesame oil, white pepper, rice wine, etc. No pork meat, or pork stock.

Now, if you want some type of combo dumpling (like fish, shrimp and sea cucumber, or fish, chicken and pork), then all bets are off.

sorry, my bad.

no pork meat and no pork stock either (but wait a second… say for instance, the fish dumplings from Din Tai Fung are those laced with pork stock even if there is no pork meat in them ???

that’s news to me if so.

Yeah, just looking for fish dumplings, no pork stock, no pork meat.

thanks man.

Flavor Garden

Kingburg Kitchen

what about din tai fung ???

or quin dao bread food (sp???)

Or the new joint JJ Hzou ???

thanks guys.

As much as I like DTF for many other things, their fish dumplings won’t be ordered by me a 2nd time.

Peking Tavern downtown does an excellent fish dumpling swimming in a pool of spicy sichuan chili sauce.

+1 for 101. Fish dumpling at New Golden City in 99 Ranch Market Mall in Rowland Heights is very good. Much better than Earthen’s.

Qingdao, Flavor Garden, Golden Dumpling House (El Monte)

i haven’t had golden dumpling house’s rendition, but +1 on qingdaobreadfood (i don’t know for sure where the spaces go in the name) & flavor garden. kingburg kitchen gets an honorable mention.

ok, let me piggyback on kevin’s question:

where can i get fish dumplings that have NO MEAT NOR POULTRY at all in them?
no meat nor poultry in the stock.
no meat nor poultry in the dumpling.

gefilte fish might work for you and kev

ill just hold tight til the matzoh ball soup

kevin’s fucking rabbi allows shrimp but no pork.
go figure.