Fish for lunch on a Monday

Where could one find a good fish dish for lunch on a Monday? Any fish, any preparation. Target area: south of Wilshire, west of Fairfax, north of Manchester. (But on FTC, we will drive for food, so recommendations slightly outside the area are fine.)

Coni’Seafood. The pescado zarandeado.


Mani mahi fish grill.

Pans blackened catfish.

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Yes! I had not considered Coni’s for lunch. The pescado zarandeado may be too much to handle, but you remind me that their filete a la plancha will do nicely. Thanks!

I associate Panns with chicken and had not thought about their catfish. And Mahi Mahi fish grill is new to me, will try it. Thanks!

The fried shrimp po boy at Orleans and York deli is really good – filled with large, crispy, properly cooked shrimp. Their hot sauce is an excellent supplement. The location I’ve gone to is on the southeast edges of your boundary, on the south side of Florence a bit east of La Brea (which curves substantially west as it nears the LAX area).


Thanks, the location is perfect. I’ve read great reviews on a previous board. Good to know it’s a Monday option.

Yes, just checked their website. Sunday is their day off. (Might want to call about tomorrow – holiday.)

i often just get the shrimp, sans bread. Agree with you it is quite delicious, and the crack sauce… salivating at the thought!! last week when i was there for lunch there were lots of folks eating catfish meals. Any good?

Orleans and York’s fried shrimp are really special. Very crispy on the outside, tucked into a fairly large ball so the inside meat remains tender and not overcooked. These are two- or three-bite shrimp for me.

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And at a remarkable price, $13.99 for a really substantial meal.

Hop Woo (West LA, corner of Olympic & Sepulveda) - Cantonese-style ginger steamed rock cod (live, from their holding tank), served with scallions.

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Sounds good! I haven’t been to that location since the Tibetan restaurant once operating there was replaced by a Chinese one…

Yes add dried scallop and crab fried rice and peas shoots and that’s solid. And a lobster

If you’re legitimately serious about this, then go to Sea Harbour.

Ask for what’s fresh that day, then order it. Steamed.

But make sure to ask how much per pound, unless you’re armed with a fresh credit card or two.

But if that’s too far, and west of Fairfax extends all the way to the Pacific Ocean, then get thee to The Lobster. Salmon or halibut are both very good.

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I did say “slightly” outside. :slight_smile: I like Sea Harbour but it can only be a weekend trip for me, and there are many distractions in that general area.

The Lobster is a definite addition to my list, thanks!

Sounds delicious but I may be out of my league here. :slight_smile:

Fish plus dried scallop rice plus pea shoots prob about 45 bucks.

i had a terrific fish and chips lunch at The Lobster in Santa Monica

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Orleans and York. The shrimp meal and a special, fried red snapper. <Crack sauce!!!>