Fish House Vera Cruz Carlsbad Bye-Bye

Was up in Temecula yesterday to see a jazz concert up at Thornton Winery. We went to Fish House Vera Cruz on Ynez to get a decent fish lunch. When we got there, the FHVC was gone and it was replaced by the Bluewater Grill. On a whim gave it a try. What they did was modernize and expand the FHVC menu, more pan sautéed, some fried things, some more salads. Different sauces for the fish. We had brunch. I had the sand dabs with eggs over easy. I have only see this up on the central coast and I really enjoy the dish. They did a good rendition. The SO had smoked salmon in scrambled eggs, also decent. We were talking to the waitress and she told us that they are down in Coronado, at the old boat house site and that they recently purchased the old FHVC in Carlsbad. While a big part of me is sad, it was a old friend to me, it was getting kinda dumpy in there and the menu never changed. They really fixed up the interior of place in Temecula, still fish place but much lighter. Not sure if the Carlsbad place has closed or when it will close, but I will soon have to trek out to San Marcos to get my potatoes au gratin with a piece of grilled fish.

When you come to a point in your life where you’re gumming your food for lack of teeth and when you look in the mirror and come to the realization that you’re no 16 year old anymore, then it’s time to pack it up. She (FHVC) is past her prime. The same can be said for Anthony’s Fish Grotto in SD.

I, for one, will miss it (FHVC). Something so classic and simple could never be past its prime.

All she had to do was get a set of dentures and a face-menu-lift.

Face it they’re closing, very telling I’d say.

Such dishes are in general not past their prime but if the execution lacks “classic and simple” don’t matter

Went up to FHVC this week to say goodbye to the Carlsbad location. It was still pretty crowded of a middle of the the week night. We talked to one of the waitresses, and she felt that the sale was because the owners wanted to cut back, not due to a drop in business. Most of the workers are either moving up to San Marcos or Bluewater Grill will hire them. FHVC, to quote A.J. Smith, “is what it is”. The fish was fresh and grilled correctly, the sides ok. Clean and simple.

I think the staff will do well at Bluewater Grill, the place is a winner.

The fish was fresh and grilled correctly, the sides ok. Clean and simple.

Well said, and exactly how I see them as well. It will be missed.

Really sorry to hear about this. Great fresh fish, simply prepared. We used to love the Temecula location, and after they closed would go to Carlsbad occasionally. Glad to hear that San Marcos is still an option – we rarely went there, as traffic on the main drag in San Marcos is usually a pain.

So looking at the Bluewater Grill site, I don’t see any menus posted. Am I missing something?

The menus are sorted by location.

Here’s the one for Coronado.

Thanks, Ipse. Can’t believe I missed that. As much as I loved FHVC, some of those preps at Bluewater sound great, and look like a definite step up.

The simple preps at FHVC were excellent, and I did love their Potatoes Romano. Anthony’s, OTOH, was tired and deserved to die.