Five Guys fries suck

We were out of town for a couple of days and decided to get take out Five Guys and watch the Warriors game. The burger was terrific, the bun not so great and the fries just sucked. I seem to remember when we ate at one in DC a few years ago we thought the same thing. Their menu describes them as “Hot, fresh, boardwalk style fries, made to order each and every time. Cut fresh, cooked twice, firm on the outside and mashed-potato on the inside.” Baloney. Just a comment :slight_smile:

Actually, I don’t think much of the place at all. My mom likes it, but after several times that was it for me.
The way they wrap the burger in foil steams it into one big gut bomb.
Not cheap either, last time it was almost $30. For that price, I can go to a real restaurant.

5 Guys meal will exceed most people’s caloric input for the day.

Yeah, I read that on another thread. We actually just ate the burger and toppings and left most of the bun.

A5KOBE, not what I asked but just an fyi that we shared a burger, ate little of the bun and almost none of the fries. Just checked and the bacon cheese burger has 920 calories so I think sans bun we’re not going to keel over from overeating any time soon )

Well that can be said for lots of what gets posted on here.
I don’t have weight issues, but one of the reasons is not wasting calories on mediocre food :blush:

That was sort of my point.

A burger that tastes like any novice can make better at home and fries that taste like dried cardboard are not worth the caloric intake, for me at least.

I ate a meal at 5 Guys and they give you a lot of okay food, but you are just paying for more okay food, but also taking in more unnecessary calories.

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LOL. Here ya go. We had driven 250 miles the day before, got up at 6AM, drove a total of 2-1/2 hours that day and had two appointments and were driving 250 miles home the following day. This was in San Jose, CA, where traffic isn’t real fun. I searched to see what was close by. Really nothing plus we wanted to watch Kevin Durant score a gazillion points :slight_smile: Five Guys was directly across the street. Easy decision. And, for what it was, it was a tasty burger. I know about really good burgers cause we grind our own meat and we’re not “novice” cooks. Amen, bro.


GSW fan :nauseated_face::joy::nauseated_face::joy:



I could almost be for Cleveland cause I love LeBron but I’m sticking with GSW.

The problem with Five Guys fries, just like In N Out, is that they insist on using fresh potatoes.

They need to take a cue from McDonald’s


cathiver you’re not alone by any means. Personally my issue is the size of fries not so much they’re trying tire. I’ve found Five Guys fries to be the most substantial size compared with most chains. At In-n-Out I ask for my fries ‘well done’, but I’m still not crazy about the tiny little pieces. I don’t think Five Guys will do well done (can’t recall) but I’ve found that opening the bag right away keeps them from steaming and softening. I had some a week or so ago that could have been firmer but were way better than In-n-Out.

I suppose McDonald’s fries are a reasonable alternative except that I just don’t find their burgers anywhere close to the other two. (The fall-apart bun at 5 Guys not withstanding.) I’ve seen TV ads for McD’s new gourmet burgers but haven’t tried them yet. Any input on that front?


One doesn’t go to McDonald’s for the burgers.

And honestly, I think unless you are ordering at a very upscale (preferably French) restaurant, French fries made from scratch tend to be mealy, and are rarely crisped properly. Frozen fries are nearly always better.

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“Trying tire”???

I had In-n-Out once and never went back. When I get that kind of burger, it’s generally drive-thru and I prefer McDs. Gave Five Guys this second chance and won’t get their fries again. Maybe the burger now that y’all have taught me the trick about unwrapping right away. Or maybe just a bag of Cheetos :slight_smile:

You DO know that almost certainly brands you a ‘burger snob’ … right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s a taco place, in Culver City, called Tito’s. They are the McD’s of tacos (maybe even the White Castle) but my wife’s family just loves the place and I have a soft spot for it too. I guess being able to enjoy something way below ‘the bar’ can be both a blessing and a curse. My waistline can attest to that.

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Here’s what our ‘at home’ burgers look like. So, yeah, sue me, I’m a snob :slight_smile: Like airplane food, drive thru is fuel. And McDs Quarter Pounder Deluxe isn’t bad at all!

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Looks great! But do you remember Rodney Allan Rippey??? :laughing:Couldn’t find the original but I guess this was done a bit later:

Not saying I wouldn’t like to try with yours.

That’s adorable! I describe eating ours as “squish and nibble.”

Can you imagine how many bites that kid had to take just to get the shot right? I don’t know. But did he look happy to you?