Flagstaff Recs?

I’m driving my two little ones to the Christmas train thing down there. Should be a fun 7-8 hour car ride.

Please tell me somebody has some good recs in Flagstaff?

It’s a been a while since I’ve been up there.

But from past experiences (about 2 years ago), consider the following:

Blake Burger at Diablo Burger, which comes on a house-made English Muffin and served with twice-fried fries.

Blue corn pancakes at Criollo. The place also makes a nice flourless chocolate cake with Mexican spices.

And because you’re going up there during Christmas time, nothing like a Macy’s Special at Macy’s Coffee House to warm the cockles of your soul. It’s essentially espresso spiked with hot chocolate. Ain’t nothing wrong with that in my book.

Are you staying at the Little America Hotel?
Friends like Brix and the downtown is funky with some great places to dine.
I always stay down the road in Sedona…try and go down 89A from Flag to Sedona…stunning drive…hit up Elote café for dinner…one of the best.
Garland Lodge is lovely and the kids would love it…
Hit up on the I-17 for pie at Rock Springs cafe…cowboy bar…love this place…to go slice with ice cream…blueberry is da bomb.

Thanks for the recos - added all these to my list.

Yes I am staying at the Little America Hotel so probably no trips to Sedona.

Read about the Macy’s coffee somewhere else and was confused. Thought it was actually inside Macy’s the department store but will give it a try.

Another friend recommended Pizzicleta which is attached to Mother Road Brewery.

Didn’t get a chance to explore Flagstaff as much as I would have liked but loved the small college town atmosphere. Everybody around town was super friendly. Forgot how cold it gets in the desert in the winter. Driving from LA to Flagstaff was interesting - didn’t expect so much altitude, trees and forests.

The one meal we had out was at Pizzicleta which is attached to Mother Earth Brewery. Great neopolitan style pizza paired with lovely local beers. They imported their oven from Italy and took a very long time to get up and running. Great article and write up from Eater about Pizzicleta. Would highly recommend.

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Going skiing at AZ Snowbowl next month…they have a deal of free 2 lift tickets when staying at Little America…
Pizzicieta sounds good with brewery attached.

I’m a Sedona chick or we go to the cabin at Mogollon rim.
Any other places?
I remember that breakfast was quite good at the Little America hotel…


The two meals I had at Little America were both buffet as part of the whole Christmas train package. Not terrible but certainly not something I’d go out of my way for unless I was staying at the hotel. Also hard to provide a good opinion since we were at the buffet.

My only other recommendation is to avoid the Starbucks on Milton Rd across the train tracks. Very crowded with almost no parking and huge lines in the drive through. The worst part is we got stuck at the train tracks both times going there and trying to get back. The trains run very frequently and added a good 10-15 minutes to our trip.

Thanks for the reply!
The Little America in Salt Lake has a diner/coffee shop that has a wonderful breakfast/lunch…hate buffets and will not dine at one , unless, in Vegas, with unlimited King Crab legs.