Flamin' Hot whatevers

I’d never tasted any of these, so my curiosity led to a virtual Costco moment.

Interesting, but I like regular Fritos way better than any of these.


I agree.

I do kinda like the Funyuns.

But DEFINITELY DO like the Flamin’ Hot Nacho flavored Doritos and the Flamin Hot Lime And Chili Doritos.

Today, I saw these…

so I had to. Franks Red Hot Flavor. Gotta admit… I liked them.

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I love spicy, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the Flamin’ Hot line. I might have to try the Funyuns, though.

I will definitely have to try these.

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Speaking of virtual Costco moments. I don’t know what I’m going to do with a gallon of this stuff.


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Crack sauce and buffalo wings.

Mix it into the 200 pounds of Costco butter.

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I heard about Frank’s from a professional competitive fisherman from Louisiana I met in Vermont last year. If I remember right his marinade recipe is half Frank’s and half melted butter. Then you dredge the fish in cornmeal and pan-fry.

Isn’t Frank’s and melted butter the basic sauce for Buffalo wings?


That would explain why Costco sells it by the gallon.


I was interested to learn that Frank’s was from Buffalo because the flavor reminded me so much of Louisiana style hot sauces.


Their web site says it’s from New Iberia, Louisiana.

Wow, now I’m all tangled up.

And the “crack sauce” I refer to is lots of places, like Orleans & York here in LA, serve a butter/franks red hot sauce to dip your fried fish and shrimp. Unlike buffalo wing sauce this is probably like 75/25 butter to hot sauce.

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