Flock and Fowl

Definitely does Hainan chicken justice. The chicken meat is moist, tender and succulent. The rice is flavorful and fragrant. The dipping sauces were excellent alone and altogether. One of the better renditions of this dish in the States that I have personally had (which is not much).

I ordered it with Chinese sausage and fried chicken skin which added nothing to it aside from filler. I would advise just sticking with the regular dish and perhaps a side of broth. The broth itself is simple, straight chicken broth. Dunk the chicken or drink the broth straight up in fine, but again not necessary. But for $0.25 it is worth a try.

Definitely check it out if you are looking for a nice rendition of this dish.


Just can’t stop going here. Addictive AF.

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Man this place is good. I can’t not go every time I’m in town. This past visit they sold out though, which sucks because they are closed Sunday. I am really jones-ing for some hainan chicken right now.

Catch them at plan check in la on oct 9th

Nice find! I was in LV not too long ago and they ran out of the poached variety. This is the one dish I simply must have every time I go to Vegas now. I was planning on buying a couple, throwing them in the fridge, and transporting them in a cooler.

What do you think of the pop up menu, worth the 60 bucks?

Not sure I would bite myself, I usually visit Vegas 6-7 times a year and the menu doesn’t really intrigue me. It is a $10 dish and at $60 not sure Plan Check is worth that kind of price level just for food. But I am tempted because I got shut out this last time. I’ll be in Vegas soon enough though so I’ll probably pass considering the dinner is on Sunday.

At first I took Flock and Fowl for granted. But when I got back to LA I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The ginger garlic is freaking addictive with their amazing rice. Now it is a must visit.

Maybe if you don’t ever go to Vegas.

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Anyone go to the event in Downtown LA this past weekend?

I really need to find an excuse to go to Vegas.

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Don Rickles. . Orlean’s Casino, Oct 22nd & 23rd…$69 + tickets

Hoping I can fly out to see the master, Mr. Warmth!


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I like your thinking @Plumeria.

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Hit up LOS for lunch on the way back home. .

Currently closed for maintenance. :frowning:

Must visit for me. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

They are opening a second location downtown. Hopefully they have extended hours, but I doubt it.

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Flock and Fowl DTLV

My first visit the chicken was a tad tough, but this recent visit the chicken was just as I remembered, super tender like the original location. It seems they have worked out the kinks from my last visit where this location was fairly new.

I have come to the conclusion that you only order the poached chicken rice, other items are so so.

This dish is now the first place I eat when I come to town. I don’t know why this is so good, perhaps the rice or the ginger scallion sauce, or there housemade sambal, but it is fuckin amazing. I ordered with veggies and a side of broth. The broth now has a black pepper kick to go along with the chicken base.

I think I will be buying a cooler next time and taking them home on my way back to LA.


What’s the lunch time parking situation?

I’m bringing a cooler.

Pretty easy. Street parking, couple bucks IIRC.

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Omg I’m in Vegas now and I was going to go tomorrow…

They have two locations.

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