Flour & Water - Mission

We recently had a really nice dinner Flour & Water. As we like tasting menus we choose the pasta tasting menu which obviously covers their great house-made pasta but also covers other parts of their menu. The wine pairing was not earth-shattering but good complements to the dishes.

Overall we really enjoyed our time at Flour & Water and will definitely return

The night started with a good amuse bouche of cannoli with house-ricotta and caviar

pinzimonio, bagna rosso
Good way to showcase of local produce and a sauce reminiscent of ajvar

halibut crudo, melon, cucumber, avocado, lemon verbena
Good balance of fruitiness, savory and some spiciness

padron arancini, mozzarella, sungold tomato
Hot and fresh out of the fryer - with a nice oozing center and some bolder flavoring

truffle sformato, parmigiano reggiano, parmigiano fonduta
Soufflé with good truffle inclusion and some textures from fried potato pieces - one of the highlights.

taleggio Scarpinocc, parmigiano reggiano, aceto balsamico
Not surprisingly the pastas were all highlights - filled with taleggio but the aged balsamico was key for the dish

aleppo corzetti, manila clam, padron, preserved citrus
corzetti stamped with a flour&water symbol showed a good balance between brininess, spiciness and tartness

tortellini en brodo, eggplant, tomato consommé, basil oil
Pure taste of summer with tomato water, delicately filled tortellini and pesto like oil - real highlight

jimmy nardello agnolotti, veal, oregano breadcrumbs
Umami filled agnolotti with a slightly acidic sauce and good texture from the breadcrumbs

chive soprese, veal sausage, summer peperonata, cranberry beans
Classical combination of pasta, beans and meat - just elevated

dark chocolate budino, espresso-caramel cream, sea salt
Strong, dark chocolate flavor with coffee sets this variation of budino apart

strawberries with mascarpone mousse, lime leaf curd, brown butter crumble
We were in the mood for one more dessert from the regular menu - what looks like two large strawberries are actually mascarpone covered in strawberry “gel”. Good balance with the refreshing strawberry sorbet and lime leaf curd


Another visit to Flour & Water for the pasta tasting menu - still very good. About half of the dishes were new compared to the previous visit.

Pinzimonio - bagna rosso, winter vegetables

Amberjack crudo - calabrian chili aioli, shinko pear, radish, olio nuovo

Squash arancini - kabocha squash, sage, ricotta salata

Truffle sformato - thyme, potato crumb, parmigiano crema

Taleggio scarpinocc - aceto balsamico, parmigiano reggiano

Saffron spaghetti alla chitarra - dungeness crab, arrowhead cabbage, yuzu, calabrian chili

Tortellini en brodo - tradizionale

Lovage agnolotti - veal, smoked celery root, rosemary

Grano arso orecchiette - veal, brassicas, calabrian chili, parmigiano

Dark chocolate budino - espresso-caramel cream, sea salt


That first dish might have been great, but it’s not pinzimonio.

Another of our regular/quarterly visits to Flour & Water https://www.flourandwater.com/ to go for their pasta tasting menu. As always some dishes remain, some change more seasonally - the new first course wasn’t terrible successful and tasted more like a stale chip. The food was good as always but the service this time was quite indifferent and chaotic, including some issues with wine pairing.

Amuse bouche - cannoli, ricotta, caviar

Pasta chip, cacio e pepe dip, herbs & flowers

Halibut crudo, rose hip, fresno chili, sumac

Corn aracini, ricotta salata, jalapeño, lime

Black truffle sformato, potato crumb, parmigiano crema

Taleggio scarpinocc, parmigiano reggiano, aceto balsamico

Seaweed rigatoni, uni butter, chili, squid ink breadcrumb

Tortellini en brodo

Acorn & iberico agnolotti, pickled garlic scapes

Basil fusi istriani, pork sugo, fava bean ragu, pecorino

Dark chocolate budino, espresso caramel cream, sea salt