Flynn McGarry worth it?

He’s coming back to LA for 4 dinners, 10 courses at $160 in two weeks.

Is his food worthwhile? They don’t give any preview about the menu. Anyone who’s eaten his food, would compare it to anything else?

I went to his pop-up at Fifty-Seven a year ago (or was it 2 years ago?)…

Anyways, fun inventive cuisine with interesting (and often a bit odd) flavor twists. The kid has potential, and his VERY supportive parents have allowed him to stage in some of the biggest big-name kitchens already.

Flynn and his mom/manager are super nice people - they greeted each customer, posed for photos, etc.

BUT at $160pp, I’m not sure I’d go back. I felt my meal was lacking in “intensity”, for lack of a better phrase.

However, his cooking may have evolved since and may in fact be more focused now - So take that into consideration.

I hate myself for even mentioning this hint of negativity about a kid who is probably giving it his very best go, but at $160 a pop, you need to know…

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Absolutely. At $160 a pop, he’s basically saying “I’m one of the best chef’s in Los Angeles”. The expectations are massive.

I have no doubt he’s a cool kid, but I seriously worry that he’s just a media darling in some ways. He has a cool story, but cool stories don’t always make for great food.

I think they should at least give some kind of preview menu at that price point.

I think he’s been living in NYC for a while? Maybe I should be asking this on the NYC board?


The question is more: do I want a 5YO mixing my cocktails. Hell yah I do.

So you got tickets to his LA event?

As long as he’s not doing the wine pairings. From what I read about his NY popup was that the problems stemmed from not so much the food but the fact that even a cooking prodigy without years of experience cannot craft a proper restaurant experience. Wine pairings was terrible due to him not even being of drinking age. The space and service was awkward and slow. Hopefully he’s just doing the cooking and none of the actual restaurant running.

Personally the type of food he’s cooking does nothing for me, American high end gastronomy has never really impressed me.