Foie Gras, how do YOU cook it at home?

My husband cooked it last night with apples and brandy and it knocked my socks clear off. How do you cook it at home?

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I make mine old school – marinated in cognac, salt, and white pepper for a couple of days, then baked in a terrine in a bain-marie until set.


Here’s an old post from ‘you-know-where.’ :smile:


Ha! We should call “it” Voldemort.

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These are some great ideas, thank you.

Tonight I am going to sear some slices and serve over a peach relish of some sort. I also bought some frozen foie gras cubes that defrosted, not really unsurprisingly, in transit. I was hoping to keep them in the freezer for later use but I do not think it will be a good idea to refreeze it. I think I will make it into a mousse of some sort. I could do it the way I do chicken liver mousse. Fry in a pan with flavorings and then blend with butter and a bit of heavy cream. I also have a recipe where you blend the raw foie gras, add some Sauternes and cook it in water bath in the oven. I am leaning towards the oven method since it will not have any butter in it and is closer to a traditional foie gras terrine method except that it is blended rather than left whole. I am tempted to put a few chunks of the raw foie gras in the middle of the blended mixture before putting it in the oven. I think I had something like that in Paris and I liked it but it might have been done in some other way. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I have successfully frozen chicken liver pate. Is there any reason this would not freeze well? I would like to serve it a friend that I know will love it.

Oh dear, don’t blend it all!! just marinate it with Sauternes or Cognac, salt and white pepper, then put it into the terrine.

Even with the cubes, at least you get foie gras morceau rather than mousse

and yes, it can be frozen.

Darn I wish I had waited longer for a reply. It being a Sunday I didn’t think I would get one until tomorrow and I did not want the defrosted cubes to sit around much longer. I went ahead and followed the recipe I had from the D’artagnan cookbook. It is cooling now and I am hoping it will setup into something at least edible. I made a half recipe and set a few of the bigger pieces aside to sear or use differently because I could not bare blending them up (one is almost 2oz) so it will not be the end of the would if it does not set up. I’ll just use it in soup or something if it does not work out.

If it’s a D’Artagnan recipe I bet it will be lovely.

I just tasted a bit of the top fat layer and it is delicious. It seems to be setting up. I think the worse thing that can happen is that I spend the evening on the sofa dipping a baguette into it growling at my husband if he gets too close.

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I have some frozen foie gras (3oz portions) that I don’t know what to do with. DH requested they be sauteed or seared – he doesn’t want pate or mousse as we buy those from a good source. Any suggestions on how/what to serve them with? I’m not a big fan of FG, so I’m making them for DH, and there are about 6 portions, so I could use a few ideas to try over the next few weeks.

If you see my link above, it will give a decent amount of details regarding seasoning, searing and side dishes. LOL. As I wrote searing took a total of under a minute so you really have to have everything plated and ready. Makes me hungry just thinking about it :slight_smile:

May I have all your home addresses to partake in any leftovers? :yum:


totally! i have no desire to wrestle with foie at home. :slight_smile:

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Its really not that bad – deveining it takes a few minutes with a small, sharp knife, but actual hands-on time the last time I made it was under an hour-- and not much over a half-hour. I deveined it, then sprinkled with Armagnac, white pepper, and salt, then covered and let rest in the fridge for a day (refreshing the Armagnac of course…) then put it into the dish.

The butcher’s wife told me she can order me some closer to Christmas, so I’ll be giving a shot this year. (first time making it in the states!)

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meh. am happy to order it out. :slight_smile:

To revive this a smidge, I just bought a 1.5# lobe, grade A, from Hudson Valley. 15% off and $10 shipping for <$90. So 24oz. I packaged it in approx. 6oz. packages and froze. So that’s about $22/serving. And it’s about the easiest thing I’ve every cooked. Almost screaming hot skillet, 30 sec. on one side, 20 on the other. Have the meal plated and the wine poured before cooking it.

And if I may ask a question please. Has anyone ever served another meat WITH foie? Beef tenderloin perhaps? I’m thinking Valentine’s dinner.

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I cooked in simply with some salt in ci skillet . Buttery , fatty , goodness . The best part was buying it . Right after the ban was lifted I drove up to the Ferry Building in SF to purchase a lobe from Golden Gate meats . I did not see any in the case but when I asked about it . There was a pause from the butcher . Maybe they thought I was from Peta to protest it . Once everything was cool I purchased a grade A lobe . Beautiful for 85 dollars . A Foie deal gone well . But all in all been there done that .

A chef friend suggested s&p AND a little sugar to give a little caramelization.

I think currently there are only a couple of places in the US that produce it.

Beef Wellington?