Foie gras source?

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Does anyone know of a foie gras source in Las Vegas? To be clear, we’re not looking to eat it somewhere in Vegas. Rather, we’re planning on grabbing some raw and continuing on to Zion and searing it off there. Not looking for lobes, slices would be ideal with a torchon maybe being doable but not pate.

I believe we can have it delivered to us in LA or whatever but honestly we’d really rather pick it up wherever that may be possible. We previously used this outfit during a SW road/camping trip but they’re outta Reno so no dice.

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Yelp search with restaurants filtered out:

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Try calling the Vegas Eataly?

Awesome, thank you.

EDIT: Actually, that link sends me to my app which doesn’t exclude restaurants. Can I ask how you did that and/or if it was in a browser? I’ll check out the names visible in the thumbnail for the moment and maybe get lucky

I searched for foie gras in Las Vegas, then narrowed the selection:


I don’t know if you can do that in the app. The places that come up with actual reports of foie gras are The Butcher Block (two locations), Cured & Whey, Michael’s Gourmet Pantry, and Village Meat & Wine.

Perfect, thank you! I’ll try it in a browser if necessary but I’ve already confirmed with Cured and Whey and will look for a back up or two

Following up on this post, we went with Cured & Whey for our foie gras purchase and they were truly incredible. We actually called Michael’s Gourmet Pantry first but apparently that’s a wholesaler and Cured & Whey is their retail arm/deli.

We called a couple times in anticipation of buying foie gras and they were clear and helpful for every call. Since we were planning on eating the foie gras while camping it was pretty important to know what form it came in and 1) they seem to have it in several options including the slices that worked best for us and 2) they had amazing product knowledge right off the bat as far as availability, price, source, etc.

After confirming their hours we swung by on arrival and there was a sign on their door saying they were closed due to plumbing issues! We called to see if they might be open the next day before we left for Utah and to their enormous credit they not only answered but opened their doors and sold us the foie gras. Unfortunately they were having plumbing problems completely beyond their control and they still took the time to help us with our order during what must have been a very trying day for them. Not only that, when they heard our plans they threw in a couple extra cheeses for the trip and gave some amazing hiking recommendations.

Because we were trying to get out of their hair we didn’t get a chance to really peruse the shop but we’d absolutely go back if we’re in the area again. They also have prepared foods, charcuterie boards (which I think are still available during their closure), and other imported goods. They struck me as similar to Epicurus in LA but a little smaller in size and with some prepared food available. Absolutely positively recommend Cured & Whey if you’re in the area and looking to buy foie or other fancy groceries.

PS, We also called a couple Butcher Block locations and they seemed like a decent backup for foie but they only sold it in lobes when we called which would’ve been a bit challenging while camping but still seemed like a good option generally.