Food Free-for-All

If you don’t want to start a thread or go off topic on someone else’s - Post any food related thing you feel like sharing here.

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Food and drink that became popular the year you were born.

I grew up in Atlanta and I only drink Coke. Only.


“Coke no Pepsi”

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And I really can tell the difference. And no Diet Coke. And recently I can get “Mexican Coke” with sugar not HFCS. Such a Southern Belle princess I am :slight_smile:


I know Mexican coke is supposed to be better, because it’s made with sugarcane. I do drink it. But I just love my Coke Classic.

My fave comfort food is Campbell’s chicken noodle soup made with milk. I carry a can all over the world just in case.

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[quote=“catholiver, post:7, topic:3646”]
fave comfort food is Campbell’s chicken noodle soup
[/quote] The only thing I want when I’m sick. That with Saltine crackers. Never had it with milk. Will try it.

We have a few things in common, don’t we? This is what Mother gave me as a child. We go to Rio every year and they have three to four Campbell’s soups but not CNS (as I call it) and they’re about $5 each. And I don’t put in as much liquid as called for. More like ‘CNS chowder.’ LOL.

Hi Cath,

Hong Kong stores have tinned Campbell’s: Oxtail soup and Borscht, amongst other items we can’t get in the USA. I believe they are canned in Australia or thereabouts…


LOL… I don’t put as much Liquid in my Campbell’s either. I am definitely going to try the milk.

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If you ever have any half and half or heavy cream hanging out in your fridge…well, let’s just say “gilding the lily.” :slight_smile:

We usually have half & half in the fridge more than we do milk.

Be still my heart :slight_smile: lol

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Yep… The boys are pretty much out on their own. Milk goes bad now. My husband likes a skosh of half & half for coffee, and me, I like using it for cooking more than milk.

This is hilarious! My birth year coincides with the modern vegetarian movement. I was a strict vegetarian for 16 years. I then became a carnivore and am now a pescatarian. I would still be a vegetarian if it weren’t for my autoimmune illnesses that leave me prone to anemia.

Whew. That’s a mouthful…and I mean that humorously although it certainly isnt for you living it.

I noticed you eat pretty healthy @MaladyNelson.

Yeah, illness isn’t fun, but life’s pretty good otherwise.

I do try my best to follow a vegan diet on weekdays - for health and ethical reasons, @TheCookie. The weekends are my cheat days - bring on the cheese, fish, and sugar.

Gosh, when I was a teenage vegetarian I lived off of cheese and carbs. It wasn’t until I was a carnivore that I truly appreciated vegetables.


I’m a sucker for haw flakes.

(Picture not mine)