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Hi hounds, I’m driving down to LA this weekend for my semi-annual visit to see my son. I usually stop by the Original Farmer’s Market and get toffee from Little John’s to bring back to my office, but I think I’d like something different this time. I thought I had posted something about this on the Chowhound LA board once before but couldn’t find the thread.

So, it needs to be “shareable” and not very perishable. The toffee has always been a hit but again, I’d consider something new and different. I’m staying in Valencia as usual and expect to be over the hill a few times during the week.

Any thoughts or recommendations? It could be something from a restaurant like Brent’s (we’ll go there for a Hanukkah dinner one night) or bakery…anything that different that I can’t get int the Bay Area would be great.


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I always like Little Flower Candy Company caramels - it’s in Pasadena, but I think they sell them at Joan’s on Third.

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I bring Langer’s pastrami home. They’ll vaccum-seal it for travel. It’s cured so not highly perishable.


The best LA Food Gift….


Stan’s Donuts Travel Great!

That’s usually my go to as well—soooo good. If your going to go to Farmers Market anyways, you should check out Magee’s Nuts. They roast their nuts themselves and make fresh nut butters—excellent.

As Weinermobile suggested, I’ve given Philipe’s mustard too and that’s great.

Another option is Sqirl—amazing jams. You can pick them up (and get b’fst/lunch too, or order online):

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Try this-
Only from LA

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Yvan Valentin chocolate truffles are always, ALWAYS welcome at my home.

He’s located Mid-City. Website:

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Or this -





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Hi Robert, I do love Langer’s pastrami but I’d have to bring the fixin’s as well.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi LAgirl, I’ve brought back Magee’s before and that’s always a stop for me to stock up my own pantry. Sqirl looks good too but I brought Sarabeth jam (jelly?) from NY last year. I’m really trying for something different this year and it has to be shareable…meaning, put out the box for everyone in the office.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Hi wienermobile, this is a good suggestion for staff holiday gift bags! Any idea on where I can buy retail?


Hi Savour, this looks like a really good idea–any idea if they sell it at the Studio City location? I can’t tell from the website what they carry retail. Studio City would be much easier for me to get to, as I’m typically in Sherman Oaks at least once during the week.

Also, I LOVE the cafe menus–will add both locations to my collated list of LA restaurants.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi JL, I LOVE chocolate and those look amazing. But…I work for a catering company and we get a lot of great chocolate here in the Bay Area. I’ll keep this in “my back pocket” as another idea.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi ipsedixit, this looks interesting too. Another one for “my back pocket.”

Thanks for the suggestion!

You can only buy the mustard from Philippe’s The Original, but they also do sell online…

Here’s the list of retail locations from the website - it looks like they sell them at Aroma Coffee and tea: Store Locator – Little Flower Candy Co.

I have a mochi-obsessed kiddo - methinks Santa may need to make a special trip to fugetsu-do!

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LOVE Fugetsu-Do, although my non-East-Asian friends have sometimes been confused by non-filled mochi. Fine 1-2d after they’re made, but nothing like eating them on the same day they’re purchased…