Food Rituals

I thought I’d start a thread dedicated to food rituals: things we do out of habit or superstition that may or may not be essential to how we prepare, cook, or consume what we eat.

Following folklore, I always toss a pinch of salt over my left shoulder if I happen to spill some.

As for personal quirks, I top my cold cereal with 6 raisins, 6 nuts, and 6 berries (when in season). Subconsciously summoning the devil with my 666 cereal toppings after blinding him with salt?! :laughing: Actually, I was drawn to the number 6 after my master’s thesis advisor recommended applying to 6 doctoral programs for luck. It will also be another year - making it a total of 6 - before I graduate :laughing: I don’t know how the lucky number found it’s way to my breakfast preparation.


Too many to name. OCD, maybe just a little bit. I have to do something before I do something.:upside_down_face: