Food tourism in NYC?

Other than walking tours, are there any food-centered tourist activities in New York City? I’m thinking of a place to visit/watch food being made (bagels, chocolate), or a museum devoted to the NY pizza or an exhibit on the food history of NY. I have the Museum of Food & Drink on my list, as well as Chelsea Market and TurnStyle, but I’m looking for places I can learn as well as taste. I’m visiting Oct. 6-11.

(In other places, I’ve visited a pasta museum and a salt museum, mushroom caves, an exhibit of food photography, etc.)

Thanks in advance!

Foods of New York Tours

(Full disclosure: my friend works for them)

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Hi @SFSusan -

Sounds like a fun trip.

I know foraging is getting a bit of a backlash. But it might be fun to go on a foraging excursion in Central Park or other parts of the city.

@ipsedixit those food tours look good. I would want to do Chinatown, Brooklyn or Little Italy.

Happy eating & learning.

You can attend pizza school. Or tour a brewery in Brooklyn or the Bronx.

The 7 Train!

You can eat the world.
Street food (watch it being made) and hole-in-the-walls.

Can you give me more details… take the 7 train to where?
mmmm, pizza school, thanks!
Have you been on the Brooklyn tour? I was eyeballing that earlier… (I don’t suppose there’s a “friends and family” discount code? :wink: )

I have not. Sorry