Former Chef of Frantzen opening in LA

Any word on what type of restaurant they’re opening? Fine dining or more informal?

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I think a 3 star chasing type of fine dining spot.


updates to come. they have to keep it tight-lipped for now. thanks for posting.


fine dining for sure

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Location: Unknown

Major Players: Marcus Jernmark, Max Coane, Robert Sandberg

The Situation: Marcus Jernmark comes from Sweden’s highly-touted Frantzén restaurant, currently number seven on the World’s 50 Best. Sandberg also has experience at top-tier European restaurants Noma and Maaemo, with Coane the former head sommelier at Saison in San Francisco. The trio aim to do something on the level of those world-class restaurants, with a location yet to be announced. Beyond the confirmation of Habitué, there isn’t much to know right now, but expect this to act as yet another marker of LA’s ascendance into the highest ranks of fine dining.


Probably a late 2022 or 2023 opening if they haven’t gotten a location yet. Hoping it won’t be in Beverly Hills.

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Looks like it might be in BH, but wherever it is they will be definitely chasing 3 stars. This will likely become the most serious fine dining destination in the city when it opens.


Ok. BH is a turn off in general.

it’s in BH for sure. They have a space already.


Can you reveal the location?

they are doing test kitchen meals now


“Referral-only restaurant”? Gross.

:man_shrugging: why?

I believe it’s just for the test kitchen at the home. They haven’t built out the restaurant space yet. I don’t think it’s worded well.

Looks like they’re starting to book tables at…what might be the test kitchen or permanent space on Monday? Only groups of 6-8 (lame)

not permanent space yet