Former Der Wienerschnitzel Location in San Gabriel Now Trafficking In Duck Parts

As JThur01 said on Twitter, only in the SGV. The Der Weinerschnitzel on San Gabriel Blvd. has been taken over by Eastern Spice, which specializes in “pot-stewed” meats by the pound. Mostly duck parts (heads, wings, necks, tongues, gizzards and feet") but also pigs feet and beef. Also a short menu of a la carte items, particularly savory egg infused crepes, and a pre-made “Eastern Style Spicy Mix” of 10 ingredients plus sauce. Eastern Spice is one of the very few Chinese eateries I can think of which only has a walk-up window on the street. Off the top of my head I can only think of Dim Sum Express on Garfield in Monterey Park falling into this category. Address is 1811 S. San Gabriel Blvd.


both fowl and offal. why not?

So, do they sell any regular duck MEAT, or only weird parts?

This has to be one of the best post titles of all time.

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Just duck parts. There’s nowhere to eat on premises anyway. So whether its $30 for a pound of stewed duck tongues or a spam and egg crepe you have to take it someplace else to eat anyway.

This place reminds me of Ju Wei on Valley.

Except for the pointy orange roof.

Neologism: Offowl.

neologism of various puns using: fowl/foul and awful/offal (which was my primary intent to begin with)

awfoul - even worse than awful or foul
awfowl - very bad poultry
awfal/offoul - poorly prepared offal