Found Oyster

had a pleasant experience dining outside on the “boat deck”.

uni service i don’t think i ever had soy salt and it looked like it would overpower but it was perfect
scallop tostada
‘ode to swan’ crudo
dungeness crab cocktail

the only miss were the fried oysters which were way too greasy.

baywatch platter

‘ode to swan’ crudo

uni service - soy salt, rice puffs

clam chowder

santa barbara spot prawn, lettuce cups, ponzu

fried oysters, sake lees mayo

scallop tostada - yuzu kosho, apple, opal basil

fat & flour chocolate chess

also picked up some merch, bay scallop watch: featuring clamela anderson


Food Talkers hit Fountain. Looks like @PorkyBelly & @rlw were parallel noshing at Saffy’s while the @moonboy403’s and we were at FO this weekend.

Pilsner & Liébart-régnier Les Sols Bruns, Brut

Scallop Tostada, Yuzu Koshu, Apple, Opal Basil

Nice touch the kitchen breaking tostadas into four bites.

Baywatch Platter (Maine & Cape Cod Oysters, Peel & Eat Prawns, Sicilian Crudo (kanpachi, scallops, lemon, capers, red onion)) // Not so Smokey Smoked Trout Dip & Blue Crab Cocktail w/Roe

Eye-feasting presentation. I could eat like this just about everyday. Loved the creamy Maine oysters and a good spread on a ritz cracker is my jam! FO really likes mayo, lol. So do I, but it did coverup the delicate flavored fresh crab a bit. Still, so good! :hearts:

Broiled Scallops in Esplette Pepper Butter Sauce

Almost wished we ordered the bread just to sop up this bit of spiced buttery goodness. FO does not shy from leaving some muscle on the scallop in case you’re into a little chew. Note the scallop on the left. What is that?

Fried Oysters + Sake Lees Mayo

I like deep fried stuff, but am a lightly dusted, pan-fried oyster kinda gal. These deep fried oysters looked so good it was hard not to go for one. They were tasty, but the thick coating makes them more like an oyster flavored crispy snack… which actually doesn’t sound too bad. :blush:

Special - Steak Tartare + Uni & Croutons

We got this special instead of the Uni Service because it seemed better for sharing. Tartare was well prepared, nice & tender (again with the copious amount of mayo) and the uni was creamy & sweet but it got a little lost.

Lobster Bisque Roll & Fries

I like lobster rolls simple with no lily gilding, but this was pretty tasty. It’s mostly claw & knuckle which I’m good with but another(s) wanted more tail & texture, so to speak. Fries are cooked well.

Been meaning to get to FO. Thanks to @chrishei’s recent story interest was renewed. I think we all agreed the only real miss this day was the scallops on the tostada that were curiously off in texture and flavor.

For those interested, a 20% service fee includes tip (one and done). The wait was doable at 4pm Saturday between lunch and dinner rush. We sat outside which came with all that sitting outside in August entails.

Happy Seafood Eating!


You mean there’s no tip line after they run your credit card?

I don’t know, probably. I only saw the initial bill, but the server said there is a service charge added and no tip is necessary.

I don’t really care. The restaurant’s business is their business. Servers who choose to work at a restaurant (or not) is their business. People who choose to dine at said restaurants (or not) is their business too.


@TheCookie We had a great time. Thanks for the invite!

Adductor muscle and gonad. I love it!


I think I got both.

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the adductor is the scallop that most people eat. the orange is the gonad.


There’s also that tough little flap that’s chewy and most cooks peel off. I got that too. I think there was a sweet tender scallop between all that. :relieved:


Yup. My bad. That’s that one I was referring to. This small and rectangular piece is located on the side that’s also another adductor muscle of the scallop.


holbox likes to serve all the tasty bits too.


What a complicated little organism. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for trekking!

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If you don’t care, that’s your business, but when I pay a “service charge,” I want to know that it’s going to the staff on top of their wages. A statement like that on the menu and bill makes it transparent.

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The scallop tostada is outrageously good. Top bite in the city.
The oysters were fine.
The uni was very good and had the perfect amount of fresh wasabi.
Skip the crudo.
The smoked fish dip was excellent. My two year old ate most of it.


Looks great. I don’t see an address. It’s helpful for those of us who don’t know the place. Maybe I missed it. Anyway thanks.

4880 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Looks like the coral (roe) to me. I don’t know why American distributors / chefs so often discard it.


It’s true you hardly ever see it outside of fine dining amd even there it’s not common. I just don’t think many places are using fresh scallops in shell

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If anyone is interested in trying the roe at home Epicurus sells scallops with roe.


I never knew that was the roe!!! I’ve dove for scallops in the Sea of Cortez and always just grabbed the two pieces of meat I always thought that was the digestive tract. Will have to try next time.

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